5 ways to cover arms over 50: #1 The Shirtdress

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5 ways to cover arms

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  Today, I begin a mini-series of posts featuring 5 ways to cover arms over 50.  The first way is The Shirtdress!

I hope these posts will give you some ideas of fun garments to wear as we move closer to summer.

5 ways to cover arms

Here is what last weekend looked like in my town!  It is really too early to have triple digits for us, so the summer is looking exceptionally hot.

We set record breaking heat on Saturday here.


5 ways to cover arms

I know, for me anyway, that post pandemic my arms are not the way the were when I went to the gym every day.

This is why I want to give you some ideas of looks that may work for you.

I love to have SHIRTDRESSES in my wardrobe.  I can wear them as toppers, tunics..and occasionally…dresses!

Such a versatile garment.  During the heat, I always wear toppers of any type over sleeveless tanks or tops.

I also like the way a shirt collar looks on me, so this is a big reason I am drawn to a shirtdress.

5 ways to cover arms

Shirtdresses are also a great way to cover arms and provide styles to communicate your style adjectives.

I try to select the ones which say Creative and Joyful for me!

The one I am wearing today was purchased in a Chico’s store and is no-iron.  I cannot locate it on line…tried every way, but they do have fun options.

Also, the second is a mini-shirtdress from Anthropologie…I love it but will be wearing the longer sleeves when it is not triple digits.

I wore this one is early spring.

I like the different length options in shirtdresses…you can easily find lengths that work for you at any price points.

Here are more fun options:

Also, if you want lower price points, there are fun Shirtdresses at H & M…go to Shirtdresses.  

So , this is the first of 5 ways to cover your arms…for us ladies who need to in warm weather!

I will be back on Thursday with look #2.

Those who are waiting for your style adjective inspiration, please don’t give up on me…my world was rattled last week and I need to re-think the editorial, but you will receive my attention soon!

These posts will cover different ideas for a third piece of warm weather clothing…and I love hearing your ideas as well.

Tomorrow…the news just for you….


5 ways to cover arms

Next summer need…some cool sunglasses like my grandson’s!!!!

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5 ways to cover your arms

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