A green for all seasons: how to wear this color trend

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How to wear green by season: a guide for choosing the best shades for your coloring.

Green is one of the biggest fashion color trends this year, and I’m pretty jazzed as it’s one of my favorite colors! Green reminds us of nature, and is said to evoke a sense of calm and optimism.

It can be a tricky color to wear, though. In the right green we can look healthy and vibrant, but the wrong shade can make us look sickly or muddy. I’ve put together a quick guide by seasonal color palette to help you find best greens for your coloring.

How to wear green: the best shades for each seasonal color palette

Green is a mix of blue and yellow pigments. When there is more blue than yellow, the green will be cool. More yellow than blue results in a warmer green. If you are a Summer or Winter, you will want to stick with the cooler greens. Springs and Autumns will look best in warmer greens.

Most seasonal palettes have a range of greens, from pale to deep. Which of the greens within a seasonal palette will work best for you will depend on factors like your own contrast levels, and what you wear them with. And personal preferences, of course. This is meant to be a general guide.

A caveat: colors can look different on a monitor than in real life. I have not seen all of these pieces in person, so am going by how they appear on my monitor.

Seventy crepe jersey top in spring green.


If you are a Spring, your colors will be warm (yellow-based), splashy, and clear. For your best greens, think new leaves and those first shoots of grass. Colors range from seafoam to a warm apple green to a deep leaf green. Spring greens have been hard to find until recently. Left, this top is a good example of a yellow-based, clear Spring green. Avoid: blue-based greens (emerald, holly) or greyed shades.

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Chico's sandwashed maxi dress in light jade green (summer).


The Summer palette is soft and cool (blue-based). For your greens, think jade, duck egg, and pastel aqua shades. This dress is a good example of a medium green within the Summer palette. Avoid: greens that lean more yellow, or are clear/deep.

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Talbot's embroidered gauze top in olive green.


Autumn colors are warm, earthy, rich, and can be soft or vibrant. Greens in the Autumn palette range from sage to avocado to moss to bronze to olive. The embroidered top to the left is in the medium of the range. You lucky Autumns have a LOT to choose from now! Avoid: cool greens (emerald) or splashy Spring greens.

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Cece tie neck blouse in emerald green (winter).


Winter colors are cool and clear, often bright and highly contrasted. For Winter greens, look for shades of emerald and holly. The dark emerald top to the right is a good example. There are also some icy green pastels in the Winter palette, but they can be hard to find. Avoid: yellow-based greens, or greens that are soft/smoky. Winters need clarity in their colors.

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For those who have asked, yes I will be launching in-person color analysis services. I’m just working out some logistics and formatting, and will announce once I’m ready to start working with clients.

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