Bad Bunny Breaks Down his Most Iconic Fashion Moments

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On the latest episode of GQ’s “Style History,” Bad Bunny walks us through the good, the bad and the crazy.

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Bad Bunny has been making bold style choices since he was twelve years old. Back then it was tilted baseball caps (reggaeton style) and shirts borrowed from his dad. Now the Grammy award winning musician, who also happens to be GQ’s June/July cover star, wears Gucci knee pads and custom diamond jackets.

Although his fits may have gotten bigger, Bad Bunny’s approach to dressing, like his approach to everything, has never wavered. Even if he wouldn’t wear it today, every fashion moment holds a special place in Bad Bunny’s heart. Some of them are even lucky enough to have nicknames. Take his 2019 Latin Grammy outfit—“that one’s the Fisherman,” he explains. “I went to the Grammys and I caught one.”

He’s always been completely and authentically himself: Whether it’s a red carpet moment or the creative vision for his music, Bad Bunny takes control. The process for his acclaimed video “Yo Perreo Sola” stands out in particular. “This one specifically was one of my favourites,” he explains in his new GQ Style History video. “I submitted the treatment to the director fully finished, with every little detail in place, and he made every one of those details happen. And it ended up exactly as I’d imagined it.”

Don’t get it wrong, the pop star is still open to collaborating. The sunflower that accompanied his 2021 Burberry Grammy was a gift from his girlfriend, Gabriela Berlingeri. His latest Jacquemus campaign, in which he posed in a pink mini dress and baby blue heels, was also a partnership. “It fit with the whole vibe of the album,” Bad Bunny says. “I liked it, so we started collaborating. I don’t put gender labels on clothing.” The singer’s opinion on clothing also happens to align with his thoughts on nail polish—an approach he’s become somewhat of an accidental spokesperson for. “Why is it only women can paint their nails?” the singer asks. “It’s just nails, that’s it.”

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