Chico’s perfect summer dress at a perfect event

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Chico's perfect summer dress

It’s a great Thursday!  Welcome to my introduction of Chico’s perfect summer dress at a perfect event.

The excessive early heat in South Texas has opened my eyes to the need for dresses this year…and I think I found my Chico’s perfect summer dress.

I actually went into the store in the Villages at Stone Oak last week looking for shorts….which I haven’t really worn in a few years.


Chico's perfect summer dress

As I walked around the store, my eye suddenly landed upon this Linen Popover Dress in a color called Flame Scarlett…ready for this vibrant autumn girl!

I immediately thought about my granddaughter’s Pre-K graduation…as well as the rest of the summer…and the perfect accessories I own.

The dress feels so good on and is so comfy that it became my perfect summer dress, and will see me through until October…..that is usually how long we have heat.

This dress is available in four colors.

Here are a few more summer dresses presently at Chico’s:


Chico's Perfect summer dress

I wanted to celebrate Chico’s perfect summer dress with an ode to color!

First of all, the BZEES Sandals were gifted to me a couple of years ago, and while I will not always wear them with the dress, I loved them for the occasion.

I have liked BZEES for years and have several pair…great comfort and washable styles.

This Chico’s bracelet sold out quickly and I am so glad I have one…it is so much fun.

Chico's perfect summer dress

Most of you know I love unique, artisan jewelry.  Recently, I was introduced to World Finds Jewelry and I fell immediately for this necklace.

It is perfect Pamela-style and will be worn often.  The quality and beauty is exceptional. 

I have a short version on my wish list.

Chico's perfect summer dress

I also wore my new loved James Avery Blossoms and Bee Ring, along with OPI’s Cajun Shrimp on my nails.

This whole outfit makes me smile and speaks fun!  It will be perfect off and on during the summer.

On graduation day it was 100 degrees and I was cool as a cucumber in this perfect linen dress.


Chico's perfect summer dress

Any level of moving forward is special, and now this little lady is ready for kindergarten next year.

She lost another front tooth the morning of graduation…nothing cuter!  We gifted her butterfly clips for her hair to symbolize flying to a new stage of life.

Chico's perfect summer dress

We were very proud of her award…THE JOLLY RANCHER AWARD…which she received for her joyful attitude every day in class!

Of course, I love that she carries on with our banner of JOY.

This kicks off summer with a smile and, of course, I am thrilled to find my Chico’s perfect summer dress!  I cannot get enough of my colors!


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted the shoes and the bracelet, but the words are my own.

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Chico's perfect summer dress

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