Foreo Review: The Rise of Beauty Tech Devices

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We have become more and more interested in self-care over these last years and the rise of beauty tech devices is becoming quite extensive.
That’s why I wanted to share this Foreo review about 3 of their products and if they would be helpful to our aging skin.

Quote of the day: “Life can be complicated. Self-care doesn’t have to be. Foreo’s mission

Table of Contents
About Foreo
What are beauty tech devices?
Bear-Microcurrent device
Iris-for the eyes
UFO-Smart Mask
Where to buy Foreo
Is it worth it?

If you think globally about life, it’s amazing how many of the appointments that used to be done by professionals have been made so that we can benefit from the same thing at home.
For example, with our hair, we can now color it ourselves, or style it easily with home hair dryers and curling irons. Those seem like obvious instances, but our grandmothers didn’t have those products.

And then it used to be you had to go to a dermatologist for anything skin-related. Now we have aestheticians that can help us with skin issues as well as at-home products.
This had led to the beauty tech industry providing products. I, for one, think they can be a wonderful option especially compared to surgery.

Just like with anything, there are some that work better depending on our skin and our goals. Even when I say something works fabulously for me, remember, it’s no different than how some people are allergic to different foods. Or the fact that some women just don’t like the color yellow.
We are all very different.

First, let me give you a little overview of the Foreo company and what exactly are beauty tech devices.
Spoiler alert: I liked 2 out of 3!

About Foreo

Foreo is a company started in Sweden but is now available all over the world. The name itself says it all: “FOR EveryOne”. The company’s idea is to tear down labels while inspiring everyone to be themselves.

The whole idea of creating these beauty tech devices is to make self-care more accessible and enjoyable. Sure we all love going to the spa but those appointments can be expensive and time-consuming.
Foreo boasts that you can skip most of your spa days, saving time and money, just by transforming your routine into an at-home ritual. With their skin-care devices and only 6 minutes, you can enjoy the same results.

One of the details that I personally like is that 71% of their employees are female. Since most of the beauty tech consumers are females, it’s nice to see this statistic.

Considering these are tech devices, one of the features is you need to download the Foreo app on your phone and choose the device that you are going to use. You need to “register” the device before using it on the app.

My thought: At first I thought this was annoying, but I can see the advantages.
1-The app keeps track of when you bought it for warranty sake? How many of us have trouble finding the written info in our stack of papers?
2-There are FAQs on the app if you have questions.
3-Easy way to reach out to customer service with questions.
4-Instructions on how to use are there, in case, you don’t use the device for a while and forget.
5-There is also a “Find my device” feature for the Bear if you can’t find it. This cracks me up!

BTW, I’m not sharing the cost of each beauty tech device because I know they will change over time. Check through the links to find the current prices. BUT I do have a discount you can use until July 31, 2022, by adding the code JTOS19. AND I have insider information that the prices are increasing on June 1, 2022. Therefore, if you are interested, it would behoove you to purchase it now.

Additionally, Foreo sells other devices on their site that I am not including in this Foreo review post. The Foreo site also has bundles and sets that are great as gifts and are only available on the Foreo’s website.

What are Beauty Tech Devices?

Beauty tech devices are those products that are technology-driven to add something to our skincare routine.
There are many devices on the market nowadays that do a variety of things including hair removal, light therapy, and massaging tools.

Now the $64,000 question is do they work? And it’s a hard one to answer because most of these devices haven’t been around for a ton of studies to be done.
The other factor is how we each have different issues and how is the device being used. If we are using it incorrectly, the results may not be ideal.

Insider tip: Don’t believe every study you read. One thing I learned in dental school is how to analyze a research study paper. For example who is funding the study?? How many people are part of it? There are SO many ways to skew the data.

Personally, I have used a couple of beauty tech devices in my life and I am a fan of the idea. I may not use them daily, but I like the option.

Insider tip: Make sure to read the instructions for beauty tech devices. Sure, it may seem obvious what to do, but each company has certain specifications that can make it work better.

Foreo Bear-Microcurrent device

These microcurrent devices are meant to deliver a low-level electrical current to the muscles and cells of the face. Why do you use a microcurrent device? The thought is it will stimulate the muscles and tighten the skin.

Spoiler alert: I do LOVE the idea of this, but I might suggest the Bear mini version.

For my Foreo review, I chose the Bear in pink, but you’ll notice it comes in different colors and even a mini size. The mini only has 3 levels of intensity vs the regular size has 5 levels.

How to use it:
1-Make sure your face is clean and dry
2-Use a serum and let it fully absorb.
3-Turn on the Bear device and choose the intensity level.
4-Press the metallic spheres to your skin and move the device around your face.
5-It will automatically stop after 2 minutes and then you turn it off.

My thoughts: When I used this the first couple of times, I was getting shocked by the microcurrents. At first, I thought that was normal until I read more information about it.
Therefore, I reached out to customer service to ask for their advice. I have to admit the customer service was impressive. I had a quick response and they gave me suggestions and said if it continues, they would send out a new device.

What I learned is the dryer your skin, the more or thicker serum you might want to use. Those of us with dryer skin have more sensitivity, and might even need to reapply during the session. What I ended up doing was applying the serum, letting it dry, and then applying a second layer before using the device.

Insider tip: Don’t use oil-based serums with these devices. Oil-based serums will impede the current. You can use any water-based serum or gels. Foreo does sell a serum to use with their products, but you do not have to use that serum.

Iris– Eye Treatment

The Foreo Iris is an eye massager which is meant to combine ancient Asian lymphatic-drainage acupressure with revolutionary T-Sonic massage. What does that mean? The idea is to refresh & depuff tired eyes, help them retain moisture, and relieve headaches caused by eye strain.

Spoiler alert: I didn’t think this one was anything special that I couldn’t do on my own. However, I go into more detail in the “Is It Worth It?” section.

How to use it:
1-Apply your eye cream.
2-Turn it on depending on which mode you prefer (see below)
3-Have the Iris tap around your eye from the inside of your eye to the outside. It will last 30 seconds and then buzz to tell you to switch eyes.
4-There will be a succession of 3 pulses to know it’s done. Turn it off or it will turn off automatically after 3 minutes to save the battery.

Now there are 2 modes of the Iris eye treatment.
1-The spa mode uses the tapping motion along with delicate pulsations.
2-The pure mode uses the tapping motion alone.

You also have 8 different intensity levels available to use with the Foreo Iris.

UFOSmart Mask

The Foreo UFO is touted as a professional hand-held spa. What the heck is that? Well in 2 minutes you not only get the advantage of the hydration of a face mask, but also LED therapy, thermo-therapy, and cryo-therapy.

Spoiler alert: I loved this!! This is one that I personally think the UFO 2 version is worth the extra cost. More about that in the “Is It Worth It” section.

How to use it: (See the photos below for a step by step)
1-Choose a mask to put in the UFO. While you can purchase Foreo’s masks that are fitted to the device, you can also cut a mask you already have to use with it. (I was told you could use the UFO without a mask for the heat or cooling, but I haven’t tried that)
2-Remove the clear ring and place the mask over the words “Foreo”
3-Slide the clear ring over the mask and snap gently in place.
4-Go to the app and select your mask and press start.
5-Glide the masked area in circular motions over your skin while seeing the different lights and what they do on the app.
6-Any vibrations and temperature will stop after 2 minutes. Turn off the device.
7-Remove the clear ring and throw out the mask. Rinse the Foreo UFO under water and let dry.

You also have the option to choose whether you want the session to have heat or be cool and which light therapy you prefer under the Smart Control Setting on the app.

Insider tip: Here are the benefits of the different LED lights. For example, if you have a sunburn, the yellow LED is for soothing it.

There are 4 different versions of the Foreo UFO including two mini options. To see the differences, check out the chart by scrolling down this page.
Each mask has a different light session to target specific issues. I haven’t tried them all, but it’s a super cool idea.

Insider tip: Don’t just throw out the mask package after you take out the mask. There is wonderful extra serum in there and you should use it on other parts of your body.

Where To Purchase Foreo Beauty Tech Devices

Foreo can be found at many major retailers as well as on Foreo’s website.
When I searched, all of the prices are the same, but if you have rewards or special reasons to shop at certain stores, you might find them there.

Since this is a paid collaboration and I will focus on the company’s site: The advantage of searching their site is you can read all of the information about the product, see how to use it, plus read the reviews.
In addition, there are many sets and bundles that are ONLY available on their site.

BTW, I can possibly earn a commission on any products you purchase through my links, at no additional cost to you. I sincerely appreciate your support by shopping through my links.

Insider information: Prices will be increasing on June 1, 2022. I also have a discount (JTOS19) to my readers can use on all of the Foreo products until July 31, 2022.
Obviously, my discount code only works on the Foreo site and not through any other retailers.

Is It Worth It and Foreo Review

Now let’s get to the nitty-gritty of the Foreo review of these beauty tech devices. I gave the spoiler alerts under each device itself, but I wanted to give the reasons and thoughts behind that.

In general, my Foreo review

As I explained above, I was annoyed that I had to upload the app and use my phone when I first got my beauty tech products. Both the Bear and Iris could be used without the app after the initial time, but the UFO really needs it each time to get the full benefit.
However, this was something that I got used to the more I used it and shouldn’t be a negative factor.


At first, I liked the idea that I could feel a little bit of the current when using the Bear. I guess it made me think it was really doing something. But after it began to hurt more, and I reached out to customer service, that issue was resolved.
I have a lot of friends who use a microcurrent device and LOVE it. They claim it’s the best thing ever, and it makes sense.

Why? Well, we talk about working out to keep our body muscles in shape, so why would our face muscles be any different?


While I said I didn’t think this was worth the price, one reason is I’ve always thought we shouldn’t disrupt the delicate eye tissue much. Yet the more I research that idea, the more I question that idea and I really want to ask my aesthetician for her two cents next time I see her.
Therefore, I could be wrong in my evaluation of the Iris and may change my mind in the future.


I’m a HUGE sheet mask fan because my skin is super dry. But usually, with a sheet mask, you have to let it sit for 10-15 minutes and that’s not always convenient. PLUS in the winter, the masks are chilly and it’s almost too cold to put them on.
That’s one reason I LOVE the Foreo UFO! The heating element is part of some of the masks. Even in the summer, I don’t mind that detail. But you can customize your UFO if you don’t want the heat. And the UFO 2 has the cooling detail which could be your jam.

I’m definitely hydrating my skin much more after discovering the UFO since it only takes 2 minutes. And hydrated skin equals plump, glowy skin!

Foreo review: Do we need skincare devices?

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