How to Plan for Aging Parents

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This informative article was contributed to Leisure Freak by freelance writer Regina Thomas.

Your parents appeared indestructible to you as a child. You expect them to be present at all times. So it’s acceptable if you are in denial when you notice either or both of your parents are aging and become feeble. Maybe you are unprepared to live without them or are concerned that their health is deteriorating. Alternatively, one parent may have died, leaving the other to deal with loneliness and loss. Alternatively, you may be uncertain if they should continue to live alone and what options are open to them. You might have to accept that your parents aren’t getting any younger. Preparing for the worries that come with aging is in your and their best interests.

The following are some suggestions for preparing for your aging parents’ future and tackling the difficult choices you may face as a family;

How to Plan for Aging Parents

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1. Have a Family Discussion

Nobody wants to consider what might happen to their aging parent. However, if you truly want to prepare for your aging parent’s future needs, everyone in the family should be on the same page. You are recommended to have a deliberate family chat since this subject can easily be put to the side or neglected altogether. This isn’t a topic to broach during a holiday dinner when everyone is preoccupied. If the entire family cannot attend in person, create an online conference call to ensure that everyone is involved.

This chat aims to discuss your parent’s care needs and wants as they grow older. It doesn’t have to be aggressive; rather, it should be an open conversation with their best interests in mind. Ensure your parents and siblings are ready for this discussion and think about how they feel about it before they come. You should also consider your familial relationships and how they can help or impede this discussion. When feasible, try to avoid any confrontations to keep the conversation constructive and positive.

2.Explore Senior Housing and Aging Care Options

Your parents may appear sprightly and self-sufficient today, but their circumstances may transform. There are several eldercare solutions available to meet your loved one’s needs. If your parent is experiencing health issues and can no longer survive alone but does not require constant healthcare services, supported living is a great choice. Your parents can stay in their apartment, but they will have to share meals and activities with the other residents. Transport, cleaning, laundry, medication administration, and support with activities of daily life (ADLs), such as showering, grooming, and dressing, are all standard services provided by assisted living communities. For instance, Moments of Lakeville offers high-quality assisted living services and an improved memory care setting for aging parents. A search online can help you find and connect with care facilities and experts in your area. 

3.Financial Planning Needs

Most of us are apprehensive about discussing finances. You will make wise choices if you address these concerns as early as possible when there is no urgency. Examine your parents’ financial situation. Compute their assets, liabilities, Welfare Benefits, pensions, and other sources of income. This could be an excellent time to decide who will have the power of lawyer and financial responsibility for your parents’ accounts. If they cannot manage their money, a power of attorney will allow a trusted individual to do that on their behalf. Your parents can designate how their assets are handled by consulting with an eldercare lawyer. A power of attorney can take control of your parent’s money if they become ill unexpectedly, ensuring that invoices are paid, and medical bills are not missed.

4. Comprehensive Legal and Medical Preparation

Prepare for an emergency ahead of schedule. Make a primary folder with your parents that contains all of your critical documents in one safe location. As you collect documentation, you can check if any papers are missing. Every relevant document should be kept in a safe, locked box or storage unit in this master folder. Make sure your parent share where the items are safely placed so the rest of the family are able to get to them if needed.

A will can be used to avert family feuds by clearly stating their goals. They should consult with a lawyer to discuss their assets and intentions for how their inheritance should be divided. If your parent has particular thoughts about their final farewell, making a plan for sensitive family members to adopt can be helpful. They can even pay for some funeral services in advance. If your parents haven’t already done so, you are recommended to talk to them about making a living will.


This planning will ease a great deal of stress for the family members if you spend the effort to arrange their property and know their preferences for their future. Therefore, this debate is necessary for families, even though it can be difficult and uncomfortable.

Much thanks to Regina Thomas for sharing these tips on how to plan for aging parents. Something that many of us may have to face. 

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Plan for Aging Parents

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