Monday miscellany: it’s good to be home, but…

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I’ve noticed that returning from a long trip often triggers a reassessment of my at-home routines and priorities. It’s been said that travel makes us see with fresh eyes, and that’s how I’m feeling now.

what I am wearing

what I am wearing

At-home outfits: jeans and sweaters

I’m still a bit weary from a vacation that extended beyond what we’d planned (by over a week). And I’m having a hard time jumping into some new projects on my “to do after this trip” list. I’m simultaneously feeling both the urge to simplify and declutter, and the desire to dial up my everyday style.

Before we left on our trip, I’d fallen into a bit of a style rut, getting dressed on autopilot. While I still dress for comfort and ease at home, since we’ve been back I’ve been craving color again. It’s energizing. And I’m enjoying the process of putting outfits together, even if just for myself.

It’s still “sweater weather” here, especially in the mornings and evenings. So my at-home outfits have been jeans-and-sweater-centric this week. I’m leaning into jewelry and accessories to feel more put-together.

Above: pink sweater worn previously HERE. It’s almost sold out; here’s one with a similar shape and color.

what I am wearing

what I am wearing

I’ve had these jeans for several seasons, just can’t seem to quit them. 😆 I purchased the sneakers last year in Milan. They’re incredibly comfortable and were definitely a splurge, but cost less than if I’d bought them here. (I’d originally planned to buy the Gucci bee sneakers while in Italy, but when I tried them on they felt like cardboard boxes on my feet.)

Here are a few more budget-friendly sneaker styles with fun details:

The sweater is one of my favorite styles from Me & Em. Here’s similar cropped sweater style that’s a bit less spendy, and one in a longer style.

We’re glad to be home but…

We’re also still processing some very sad news we received while we were away. About a week into our trip, we had a tearful phone call from our friends who were taking care of Gigi. She’d apparently escaped from their backyard where she was playing with their dogs, and had vanished. She’s stayed at their house several times before, is comfortable there and loves their dogs, and had never shown an inclination to try to escape. They said she’d only been out a few minutes before she went missing.

Our friends did everything possible while we were away: posted notices and canvassed the neighborhood, checked local shelters, posted to online lost pet boards. There’s been no sign of her. The shelter staff told my friend that in that area, people tend to keep small dogs they find rather than turning them in. So at this point, I’m just hoping that she’s being cared for and loved as much as we love her. She’s microchipped, but unless someone turns her in to a shelter or takes her to a vet who checks for a chip, we may never know.

We’re very sad and really miss her. It was hard knowing we’d be coming home to an empty house. But I haven’t given up hope yet. I’m still checking shelter listings and online “found pets” in our area. If there’s any news, I’ll let you know.

Stay in touch.

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