Monday Musings- Fragrance and OOTW

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Happy Monday, ladies. This week I am musing about cruelty-free spring fragrance and things that tend to sag. During our chat last week about some things that look matronly, a reader mentioned sagging earlobes. She was referring to pierced earholes that have torn, but it got me thinking about old ears.


It’s said that our nose and earlobes continue to grow as we age. I can’t speak to that…but I can say that my earlobes have certainly gotten softer with age. I never wore heavy earrings, but now, the skin has gotten looser (everywhere), so almost every earring seems to weigh them down.

earring backs

I’ve replaced all my earring backs with these earrings lifters, which are perfect for droopy ears. You can spend a lot or a little on this type of earring back. I choose affordable ones because no one sees them, and I like having plenty on hand. Earring backs are like socks in the laundry, and they always seem to go missing. These keep my earlobes straight so the earrings, even hoops, hang correctly. These Lobe Wonders are also super popular for ladies with torn earholes,

Cruelty-free fragrance

While I think it’s incredibly romantic and sophisticated to have a signature fragrance, I don’t have one. It’s not for lack of trying. New perfumes are always coming out, and I love to sample them as much as I do new makeup.

Jo Malone makes some of the loveliest fragrances that I enjoyed for years. I gave them up when I committed to going cruelty-free so I was thrilled to discover her cruelty-free line last year. I bought the Orange Butterflies to take on my summer travels.

The Fragrance Paintbrush is a travel-friendly gel formula in a refillable brush that comes with 2 cartridges of the scent. I used one up last summer and when it got very hot yesterday, I replaced the cartridge. She describes it as a sweet-sharp fragrance that reminds her of the south of France. I just love it.

Outfit Of the week

Our look at casual dresses last week has me on the hunt. I discovered this 100% cotton gauze dress that is on its way to me in petite. It comes with a rope belt that I may or may not use because it’s much more streamlined than most of the dresses I see these days.


Silver jewelry and taupe-colored accessories keep this cool-toned pallet soft and easy to wear. Taupe is a wonderful neutral all year round, but especially nice in the summer. The hammered cuff bracelet is by Robert Lee Morris and is amazingly priced. I can not tell a lie, the Gentle Souls sandals are also on their way. OK, guilty as charged…I want this entire outfit.

Are you a one fragrance woman?

Thanks for reading ladies and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident.

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