Monday Musings- Missing in Action and OOTD

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Happy Monday ladies. Today I’m musing about my latest reads, what to wear to the airport, and a life update.

Some of you may have noticed I was missing from the blog on Friday. I wasn’t planning to, but unfortunately spent Thursday afternoon and a very long evening in the emergency room. I’d been having increasing abdomen pain for days and my primary care doctor couldn’t fit me in so she insisted I go to the ER. She also explained, that in the ER, they can and will perform necessary tests for a diagnosis without waiting for insurance approval.

I’d already self-diagnosed myself and planned to wait to see her, but my kids phoned and read me the riot act…so I went.

Doctors don’t care for “Google medicine” so umpteen tests later, it was determined that I had an inflamed gallbladder and may have passed a gallstone. My bed was 54H which means it’s in the hallway which tells you how busy the ER was with 95 patients in beds.

I saw my primary Dr. the following morning and she’s called in an order for a few more tests to check my gallbladder function…we’re just awaiting insurance approval. She’s had me go back on a few supplements and told me to avoid fatty food, which I pretty much already do. I haven’t eaten red meat in 15+ years, avoid cheese and use very little faux butter, etc.

It was wise to go to the ER because they ruled out important things that could have been much more serious if ignored. I will keep you posted.

Currently reading


The ER wait was interminable and I didn’t think to bring a book, so I quickly downloaded this audible book for distraction. I’ve always had a small fascination with the “Swans” and this book has just enough delicious gossip to be a fast, fun listen. I also downloaded Madness Under The Royal Palms which I just started and am enjoying immensely!

Outfit of the week- What to wear to the airport

Many of us will be traveling this summer, and it may likely include a trip through several airports. I insist on being comfortable for long flights, but I also want to look classy because we’re treated by others, based on the image we present. Here’s an outfit for the airport that is comfy, stylish, and allows you to arrive looking polished.

what to wear to the airport

  • The shoes are one of my favorite brands. These have arch support and are made from a knit fabric that stretches for swelling feet.
  • The sweater blazer is stretchy, comfy, and can be dressed up or down on your trip.
  • My favorite brand of no-show socks keeps your feet clean when forced to take off your shoes going through security. You can carry a second clean pair in a ziplock if necessary.
  • The cotton/cashmere wrap will help with refrigerated planes.
  • The earrings, crystal-hinged bangle, Timex watch are inexpensive so you don’t need to worry about losing them.
  • The cashmere tee is warm but won’t overheat you.
  • I always travel with this convertible bag which multitasks on all my trips.
  • The stretch pants have a narrow leg to keep them off the floor when using the lavatory. Crazy as it sounds, I think about those things when choosing a travel outfit because it’s one less thing to hassle with.
  • I’ve had my eye on this spinner bag for months because my current one is looking pretty beat up.

Are you traveling this summer?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.

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