Successful Styling Discussion 2: What Color Jewelry Goes with a Navy Blue Dress

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We have so many options of what color jewelry goes with a navy blue dress. Charlotte is giving us 4 options, yet I’m sure you can find even more.

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What color jewelry goes with a navy blue dress
1-Navy blue dress details
3-Warm color-yellow
4-Cool color-blue

This week is all about sharing examples of different color jewelry depending on the color of the dress. You saw Cathie in a green dress. And the important thing to remember is this concept can work for a navy blue top or sweater too.

Jewelry is one of those accessories that are good to have since they don’t have a size. That’s why they are such a popular gift idea and something that will work no matter what season or what trend is popular.
In fact, even when the trends in jewelry change, it’s smart to keep what you have because they too will come back in style.
Or even if your jewelry breaks, there are reasons not to just throw it out.

Insider tip: If you lose one earring, think about how the remaining earring could be still functional.
1-Wear mismatched earrings.
2-Create wall art with it and other items (like in this example).
3-Use it as decoration on a necklace (as Lesley did here) or a belt (as I did here).

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Dress: Joan Voss c/o ~~ Shoes: SO-Kohls

The Navy Blue Dress

Navy blue is one of the neutral colors that doesn’t get as much love as black does. Yet it can be much softer on our features especially as we lose some of the colorings around our face.
This maxi dress is an a-line shape that is a wonderful option for the hotter weather since it’s not tight and constricting.

Insider tip: If your dress seems boxy yet you don’t want to wear a belt, try the hack with an earring (or any metal hoop) as I showed here.

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What Color Jewelry Goes with a Navy Blue Dress

Now let’s take a look at 4 options of what color jewelry goes with a navy blue dress.
Personally, I think you could make the case for any color that you own, depending on the length of it and your preferences.

Insider tip: If you aren’t sure about the color of the jewelry with the dress, why not combine it with a couple of others? There’s no law that says you can only wear one color with it.

Gold as what color jewelry goes with a navy blue dress
Middle gold necklace: Avon~~Chain belt: thrifted

Gold and Navy Blue

Charlotte’s complexion is much brighter with gold jewelry instead of silver. So that’s why she piled on the gold pieces in this example.
Yet any metallic would work with the navy dress including silver, rose gold, or even bronze. The bronze jewelry may not pop as much as the silver and gold, but then again you could mix them altogether if you wanted some contrast.

There is gold in abundance here with 3 different necklaces, bracelets, a gold baseball cap, purse, and even a gold chain link belt. You can see this chain-link belt over a blouse that my mom wore recently.
Even though they aren’t a type of belt you see often at the stores right now, they can still be a fabulous addition to an outfit. That’s why it’s good not to purge everything you don’t wear in a year.

Insider tip: Layering necklaces is a great way to create more of a focal point towards the upper part of your body. Especially if one necklace looks lonely by itself. They don’t all have to be different lengths, they can be more mismatched too.
Lesley has shown many examples of the concept here.

Yellow and navy blue
Necklace: Vintage~~ Purse: Steve Madden-thrifted~~Belt: thrifted

Warm Colors (Yellow) with Navy Blue

If you know the color wheel then you’ve learned that the warm colors are yellow, red, and orange and the cool colors are green, blue, and purple.
That’s how I am referring to the warm colors for this idea. Yet in reality, there are warm versions of the cool colors (does that make sense?). Because even this blue dress that Charlotte is wearing has warm undertones.

My mom is wearing a yellow necklace, earrings, bracelets, belt, and purse that are yellow. You might notice how the yellow and gold jewelry are very similar.
Any of the warm colors like the reds and oranges would also be wonderful options with the navy blue dress.

Insider tip: Notice that in both the gold and yellow jewelry examples, Charlotte is wearing both long necklaces AND belts. Some articles say that you should only wear one or the other, but these are perfect examples of how both can work together.

BTW, yellow is a powerful, happy color and if you don’t like it as your clothing color, then it can be a wonderful accessory color.
My mom says this necklace is as old as I am (56 years old) which is proof that jewelry can be timeless.

Blue on blue with belt on maxi dress
Necklace: Airport gift shop~~Earrings: Sun City craft fair

Cool Colors-Blue

While my rule of thumb is usually NOT to match your jewelry to your clothing, here are three ways how to break that rule.
1-If your necklace lays on your skin instead of the clothing item then you’ll still see it.
2-Different shades of the color can make it contrast nicely.
3-When the necklace is the same color AND metallic, it will often be distinct.

Charlotte chose a lighter blue collar necklace with the navy blue dress and it’s also shorter, so only overlaps the dress a bit.
The other elements are the light blue earrings, and fabric belt.

Insider tip: Those self belts that come with dresses can be the perfect belt with a solid colored dress. I suggest hanging them with your belts so you can choose from them with any outfit.
Another option is to wear a scarf as a belt. The long thin scarves are perfect for this idea.

The other cool colors of purple and green would work with a navy blue dress too. The best bet would be to choose shades of the colors that are lighter and therefore vary from the color of the dress.

Multi-colored necklace with coordinating purse
Necklace: thrifted~~Purse: thrifted

Multi Colors

Having multi-colored jewelry is perfect since it will coordinate with a variety of colors and outfits. Especially if you tend to wear a lot of neutrals, your multi-colored jewelry will give a burst of color to those looks.

Insider tip: Remember you can create your own multi-colored necklace by layering 2-3 different color necklaces together.

I also don’t believe we need to spend a ton of money on these accessories. You can see that many of my mother’s necklaces and items have been preloved.
If you don’t like the secondhand stores, then there are many DIY options too. I’ve discussed a few here.

What color jewelry goes with a navy blue dress

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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