Summer Wishlist- Woven Frippery and Feeling Bolder

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Summer always feels hopeful to me. It could be a holdover from the freedom I felt when school let out all those years ago but whatever the reason, I feel optimistic at this time of year. Today, I’m sharing a few summer wishlist woven favorites that are on my radar and the ramblings that went along with them.

I have yet to find the quintessential perfect summer tote that I’ve been hunting for and realize I may have burdened its description with too many “must include”.

blonde woman wearing pink cardigan, pibnk tanks and carrying a crossbody

Last year’s crossbody purchases in both ivory and this graphite, were rousing successes that I’ve carried virtually every day. I don’t love them less now, but all of a sudden I want a change.

Many of my summer handbags are decades old and I treasure them, but I want fresh so I may let them take this summer off and bring something new into my wardrobe so I have be pursuing some fun looks.

Woven Bags

favorite woven tote

I’ve had my eye on this Pamela Munson bag for several years. It comes in multiple sizes but is not strong enough to schlep a ton of stuff so there’s no point in buying the huge size. This petite version seems great for my height. All that’s missing from my list of requirements is a top zipper closure, which I’m reconsidering.

woven wicker handbag

This wicker bag grabbed my attention immediately because I have a vintage Kate Spade in a similar shape. Of course, mine doesn’t have the very handy, resin shoulder chain, but still…Her bags are so unique, I love them all.

More Pamela Munsen bags


Hats are always a big part of my summer wardrobe for both their sun protection…and the attitude they give an outfit.

I’ve had my eye on Sara Bray Bermuda Hats for close to a year and finally ordered this one yesterday. It comes with 3 different colors of this wide grosgrain ribbon to change up the look. It has such a garden party vibe, I expect I’ll make a splash at the little league games wearing it 🙂

For many, this hat may be too much frippery for suburban activities, but I’m tired of living small with my wardrobe…aren’t you? We survived a pandemic, so all bets are off!

Sarah Bray’s sun hats are woven from vintage, recycled, and biodegradable materials. She also carries one-of-a-kind vintage ribbons so you can customize your hat. This Hydrangea style above is part of an exclusive collection sold only through Aerin Boutiques. I love the wide but shorter ribbon you tie in the back to secure it to your head. It’s sold out so I’ve joined the waiting list for it in with this french blue ribbon.

These looks all have a bit of a southern belle vibe, which is something I have never aspired to, but why not? Fashion clothes our bodies but it should also spark delight and if the last 2 years have taught me anything, it’s that our future is unpredictable so if not now? When?

Back in 2018, I had some fun creating a Little Lord Fauntleroy bow with a favorite scarf over a white tunic. I loved how fun it felt that day, but I never duplicated the look and wondered why so I went back the original post. Here’s what I wrote in 2018-

“Yes, this is campy and fun. It brings back fond memories of when I worked in fashion and wore my clothes as the costume for my life. I wonder why I stopped doing that? Life is too short not to have fun with your clothes.” 

How funny is that? I’m saying the same thing 4 years later, post-pandemic, and life is passing at a rapid pace. I write this blog to show you modern fashion and give tips to help you style them in a flattering way so you can dress with confidence. I hope to also encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and create delight with your outfits. I am being inspired by looks that are totally new for me these days so I may add more whimsey to my classic looks and toss in a touch of drama if the urge strikes me.

Woven Shoes

Last spring I bought a pair of embroidered, woven mules I didn’t expect to get much wear out of. It turns out, they’re perfect with so many things that I’ve slowed down wearing them because I’m wearing them out.

woman wearing denim jacket, pink tank, blue pants and birdies slides

I now have several pairs of Birdies and love their comfort. This is my only slide from them and I’ve been hoping they’ll rerelease these in new colors…but no luck so far. This Songbird style comes high enough on my foot that I don’t have to grip my toes to keep them on.

Birdies are not the only brand making embroidered slides so I had a look around and found these

Dean Davidson has just launched the new birthstone pendant necklaces collection as part of their Mother’s Day Gift Guide. From now through May 8, Dean will include this Signature Merlot Jewelry Case ($98 value) with every purchase over $250. It’s a beautiful quality little case I find invaluable when we travel.

Dressing with drama and whimsey certainly draws people’s attention. Are you comfortable with that?

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