Watch Former ‘Mr. Olympia’ Competitor Steve Cook Take on a Challenging Gymnastics Workout

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In a new video on his YouTube channel, professional bodybuilder and fitness influencer Steve Cook does his absolute best to master as many gymnastics moves as he can in an afternoon. As a two-time Top 10 contender in the renowned Mr Olympia bodybuilding competition, Cook’s strength and conditioning aren’t in any doubt — but his coordination and mobility will be very much put to the test.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the mat,” he says. “I’m not going to impress anyone with my flexibility, that’s for damn sure.”

After a warmup of stretching and activation exercises, Cook starts slow with some front and side roles. “I’m aiming to graduate from the kiddy program today,” he says.

Once he has progressed past the “beginner” stage, Cook moves onto the kip, a gymnastics staple which resembles a muscleup, if a muscleup were performed while swinging from the bar. In other words: it’s pretty damn hard, and it’s about way more than just upper body strength. “It is one of those weird things, it’s all coordination,” says Cook.

Next up is another bar hang exercise, the shrimp flip—which involves swinging the legs up and forward and tucking them between the arms—and some trampoline work. After that, Cook gets to work trying to perfect his handstand game, following the coaching advice to kick up slow and push away from the ground. “I give myself a solid C,” he says. “That was not great.”

“I know I can’t out-gymnastics anyone here,” he concludes. “But I can definitely out-eat and out-muscle.”

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