A Sports Physician Breaks Down NBA Star Steph Curry’s Most Recent Injury

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Basketball star Steph Curry, frequently described as one of the best players in the NBA, sustained a nasty-looking foot injury during the Golden State Warriors’ game against the Boston Celtics last night.

In a new video on his YouTube channel, orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine fellow Dr. Brian Sutterer reviews the gameplay footage to ascertain exactly how the injury occurred, how serious it might be, and what the prognosis for Curry could look like with regards to the rest of the season.

The injury appears to take place after Celtics’ Al Horford landed on Curry’s lower leg in the fourth quarter, compressing the left foot into the ground. “If you look at Curry’s body positioning, you can see how much bend there is through his knee and lower leg,” says Sutterer. “That introduces a lot of possibility for increased force and twisting through the knee, and also through the foot and ankle.”

“You can see a lot of weight on the back of Curry’s ankle, but that foot still gets pushed even a little bit further down into the court, imparting even more of a compressive load through Curry’s foot,” he continues. “In this position his foot really is twisted quite awkwardly underneath Horford.”

Sutterer also points out that due to this awkward twisting, there is the possibility of damage to the cartilage, ligaments, and soft tissue in Curry’s knee. Additionally, it is impossible to say right now whether any injury sustained during this week’s game might be related to the pre-existing damage to Curry’s left foot.

“It’s certainly possible it’s just a contusion, basically some bruising of the bone and soft tissue, and he’ll be totally fine in a couple of days,” he says. “But this is at least something that warrants really good evaluation by the medical staff, and something to keep a close eye on going forward.”

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