Book Reviews and Italian summer styles

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Book Reviews and Italian summer styles

Happy Thursday!  Today I am discussing book reviews and summer styles!

I love the idea of styling around books and thinking of what the characters might wear.

We will get to that soon, but let’s begin with a very Special Book Review.


Book Reviews and Italian summer styles

Not long ago, I received an email from one of our regular readers here on the blog.

Cathy Collison shared that she was writing a book along with a woman names Janie Campbell, and asked to send a copy.

In my mind, I was looking for a book for women or adults, and was so happy to receive this one.MEET THE PETS: PRESIDENTIAL ANIMALS FROM A to Z.

This is such a fun book for children with lovely illustrations.

Did you know one President adopted an opossum?  Seriously….and one was sent a Kagaroo!

I cannot wait to share this book with my grandchildren and a huge CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Cathy, Janis, and Wendy….good job, ladies!


Book Reviews and Italian summer styles

One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle is the summer book review selection by Chico’s.

I listened to Rebecca conduct an interview on Chico’s Instagram and she is precious….very likable young woman.

I wish I could sit and listen to women discuss this book and hear the different viewpoints, but, alas, there is not a group meeting in my area.

I loved how she discussed and described Positano in Italy.

It was such a good job that I was taken with it and did additional research on Positano and the Amalfi coast.

She had me desiring the entire experience….hotel, food, people, water, scenery, clothing…all of it.

The story does have a huge twist and if you like a touch of the supernatural, magic story line, then you will like what she does.  

It is a quick, easy read that is a mother-daughter story told in an interesting way.


Book Reviews and Italian Summer Styles

During this interview with Chico’s, Rebecca and Chico’s staged an Italian Summer Style show for the the two lead characters: Carol (the mom) and Katy (The young adult daughter)

I thought this might be fun, so I decided to show you two slideshows today.

The first one is for Carol, the older mom, who not only loved Italy but was  an interior designer in LA.

Here are some Chico’s styles I could envision this character wearing:

Daughter Katy is a copywriter and her style has been influenced by a very stylish mother.  Here are some styles for an Italian Summer, I see for Katy:

That was fun!  Maybe I should work for costume design for movies!

Book Reviews and Italian summer styles

I hope you have enjoyed book reviews and Italian summer styles.  Of course, tomorrow is the first day of one of my favorite months!  Hope to see you then!

Also, winner announced tomorrow…you can still enter the contest…read this post!


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Italian Summer Styles


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