Budget Saving: smart accessories + a giveaway

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Budget saving tips

Welcome to Budget Saving Tuesday!  The day I offer tips to help you stretch your dollars and accomplish more.

Today, I am discussing smart accessories + offer you a fun accessory giveaway!

I personally believe the best way to build versatility into a wardrobe and get more bang for your buck is with smart accessories.


Smart Accessories

What makes accessories smart? 

I think there are several ways to have smart accessories:

  1.  Smart accessories help to speak the overall style messages you want to say with your wardrobe.  My accessories are selected with “creativity” in mind.
  2.  Smart accessories do not go out of style but can live in your wardrobe and enhance your looks from season to season.
  3. Smart accessories will go with the majority of clothing you own.

Smart Accessories

4.  Smart accessories support your color palette….this is why I wear gold and bronze accessories over silver now.

Just as I have changed my wardrobe to only reflect my warm, vibrant autumn palette, so have a gleaned my accessories to only be those which compliment the same palette.

That smart way keeps everything working together and creates a plethora of new looks with the same pieces.  That is budget saving!

If you are a winter classic woman, your smart accessories will look very different from mine.  Simple, silver, pearls….much much different but it still works the same.


Smart accessories

5. There are several ways smart accessories are sustainable.  

First, longevity is sustainability.  When you have the right colors and styles, then they live longer in your wardrobe.

Second, since I like creative smart accessories, I do love artisan sites….like World Finds.

Their mission statement says: “Our mission is to uplift artisans by creating dignified work, meaningful opportunities and long term partnerships. From the repurposed textiles to the handcrafted, small batch production methods used by our artisans all the way to the packing materials we use to ship your order, we strive for sustainability every step of the way. This journey has been one of progress, not perfection! We are always striving for ways to continue to be more eco-friendly.”

Smart Accessories

It is always fun to discover what artisans create….like this Kantha Garland Necklace necklace that I love so much and is very affordable. 

My cost per wear is already low with this necklace…I have worn it often.


Smart accessories

World Finds would like to gift three of my followers with one of their beautiful, smart accessories.

There will be a winner on this blog, Instagram, and Facebook…and, YES, you can enter on all three places.

Here is how it works:

  1. I will select a winner on the blog to receive the Kantha Aura Necklace.  All you need do, is leave a comment below and tell us that you want to be entered and also share one item on their website you really like.
  2. I will select a winner on my Instagram to receive the Kantha Sling Bag (in my first picture).  You must follow me and WORLD FINDS ON IG, and leave a comment on IG that you want to be entered.
  3. I will select a winner on my Facebook to receive a Sari Silk Bandana.  You must still must follow World Finds on FB and leave your name on my Facebook post.

Three ways to win….how much fun is that??!!

I will select winners on Friday, July 1!

Please share this post with family or friends you believe would like World Finds products!

Yes, accessories can be smart accessories….save you on wardrobe building…help you create great style…and help you to save money!

That is smart to me…….

I hope you will enter the smart accessories contest…remember on the blog not only to say you want to be entered but leave which item is your favorite on their website…..


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this contest.

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