Budget Saving Tips: Consignment Shopping

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Budget saving tips

Happy Tuesday, ladies and happy first day of summer, officially!

Welcome to the day when I offer some budget saving tips.

Our topic today is the benefits of Consignment Shopping!

I like consignment shopping for several reasons:

  1. I love to support small local businesses
  2. They take the time to look over the garments and choose the best. (unlike thrift, where we must take the time to examine garments carefully)
  3. Consignment is a great way to find top brands, often luxury brands and be able to try them on in a store.
  4. Sometimes building a relationship with a consignment shop manager is very beneficial as they might contact you with certain brands you are seeking.


Budget saving tips

I showed you these gorgeous linen pants from Chico’s before, but wanted another top to wear with them.

Lo and behold…consignment shopping provided the top! 

This lovely orange top is by DKNY top was $19.  I love it with these pants and my Italian leather handbag….I originally found at Marshall’s years ago.

Budget Saving Tips

I went consignment shopping looking for a top for these pants, but the shell necklace was a bonus at $11…it is not white white, but creamy off-white.

I love this kind of summer look for an evening out.

Budget Saving Tips

This Soft Surroundings tunic is going to be a favorite all year long.  I love it and found it in a different consignment shop from where I found the DKNY top.

Budget Saving Tips

It has little shell decorations around it and this is one reason I love consignment.

I can afford to get the special pieces which full price may have been unobtainable….but at $10, it was mine!  

When I go consignment shopping, my inner fashionista comes out!  It is more fun for me than shopping standard wardrobe building pieces.

Budget Saving Tips

Both local consignment shops I frequent, have racks just for Chico’s items.  I found this fun navy top with metallic dots.

Since it is sheer, it makes a nice summer topper and at $11 it is a steal.

Leigh Ann and I both love to stop by the luxury consignment shops to see what they have.

Because it is a great budget saving tip to add some fun to your wardrobe during inflationary times.


Budget Saving Tips

Now, I make sure to look at things carefully, because I am not there to get carried away.

These lovely Prada sneakers were in my size, but at $150 still out of my reach!!

Budget Saving Tips

I saw so many fun shoes and the clearance table last week, had many nice selections…just not in my size.

But, I find it is worth it to make a stop often and see what has been moved to clearance or what new items have come in.

For a special occasion, I often start here first.

Budget Saving Tips

Budget Saving Tips

These handbags made me stop and pause….but I really am fine in that department.

I love the colors in the Dooney Burke!  Would make a great autumn bag!

Now, here are some bags currently on Clearance….

Do you have favorite consignment shops in your town?  If so, tell us about them…why do you like to frequent their shop.

This is another area to consider when looking for budget saving tips.   These luxury items make not be obtainable to many of us for awhile, and if we desire to shop, it is good to think about your options.

Thanks for joining in on Budget Saving Tuesday for your tips of the week!  I will be here tomorrow with your headlines!


By Pamela Lutrell

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