Budget Saving Tuesday Tip: Clothes

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Budget saving tips

Welcome, everyone, to the second Budget Saving Tuesday Tip and today we discuss clothes!

Last week was fun to learn about how to save on fresh flowers, and today let’s discuss budget saving for our clothes.

This is not about how to find them in thrift shops or lower price point retailers…it is about something that really changed my wardrobe and way of thinking.


Budget Saving Tuesday Tip

I discovered first hand, in order to save money on my clothing, I needed to have a wardrobe fashioned around my best colors.

By wearing my best colors, and styling my five style adjectives, I now have a functional wardrobe that all works together for me.

It is so much easier to know the colors to walk away from and not waist money or time on….that is a true budget saving tip.  

I don’t question it at all…but stick to my autumn, warm palette…and leave everything else behind.

It has been right at one year since I made this discovery and it really is life changing when it comes to your wardrobe.

But, don’t take my word for it…let’s go to an expert…the stylist who helped me the most Annie Castano from London.

She is fresh off of celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s historic 70-year reign!  I am thankful she would take the time to send these thoughts.


Budget Saving Tuesday Tip

“Hello everyone,

My name is Annie Castano (@justanniecastano) and I’ve been working as a personal stylist for 18 years in London.

The three most important things when investing in your clothes are, get the colors right, get the shapes right and inject your personality into your wardrobe.

The theory of color is a scientific one which I will simplify by saying that each color affects its neighbor so when you put a color next to your face it will have a positive or negative affect on how you look. Wearing colors that flatter our skin tones will make us look vibrant, healthy, friendly, younger and most importantly more ENERGETIC. Wearing the wrong colors will have the opposite effect and you will look tired, perhaps unfriendly and definitely lacking in energy.  

(Note:  This also means you will save money on facial products, because your skin looks better in your best colors! You will not be attempting to fix things with products)

Budget Saving Tuesday Tip

It’s no secret that people make their minds up about us in just a few seconds and it has nothing to do with what we say, but everything to do with how we present.

All colors have yellow and blue in their mix and the more yellow we add, the warmer they become. Adding more blue makes them cooler. The 4 palettes are Spring (warm and bright) Summer (cool and soft ) Autumn (warm and soft) and Winter (cool and bright). Once you know where your skin tone sits in one of these four palettes you will receive compliments on how well you look rather than being complimented on what you have on and these are two different things altogether.

Investing in clothes that flatter your coloring and body shape takes the guesswork out of shopping and you’ll save time, money and space in your wardrobe.

Also, instead of wearing 20% of your clothes 80% of the time (which most people do) you’ll enjoy wearing them all of the time.

Budget Saving Tuesday TIp

Getting the colors right (the shades of color) understanding and accepting your body shape and getting your personality into your wardrobe is all you need to know.

That way you’ll be confident knowing that you don’t need to listen to fads and trends, but you’ll gain understanding in what works for YOU. It’s a wonderful tool to have no matter what your budget is.”


Budget Saving Tuesday Tip

After I learned from Annie my true Vibrant Autumn palette, I did a huge closet purge…no more black or white for me.  They did cast shadows on my face!

The outfit I am wearing today features three pieces from Chico’s that I kept during the purge…the tank is a warm brown.

The denim crops in sand even have a coastal touch to them.

I added my creative touch with the fun necklace from World Finds…..look for a giveaway here soon featuring their creations.

I think this time of year is a challenge for the ladies with warm palettes…but hold fast to your colors…

That decision will stretch your dollars and your wardrobe. 

Budget Saving Tuesday Tip

My colors also guide my decisions with accessories and makeup…I no longer wear silver, for example.

Of course, the best way to discover your true colors is in person with a professional color expert.  

However, if you cannot do that …the next budget saving tip is to take the free color and style quizzes at Kettlewell.  

I was surprised to see how the free quiz results synced with what I was being told from professionals…and they are fun!

I have a local reader who loved their quizzes and purchases their clothing with success.

Summer is a great time to purge your wardrobe and think about how to make it most functional for you.

And those of you who are retired…DON’T RETIRE YOUR STYLE!

I want to thank Annie again for sharing her thoughts in relation to Budget Saving Tuesday…she Is so much fun and I love to follow her Instagram!

She is also the creator and partner to Castanohel …stunning silk scarves…one of which is worn by the Queen!

Thanks for stopping by for Budget Saving Tuesday…I truly hope these ideas will help you stretch your dollars!  Any questions?


By Pamela Lutrell

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Budget Saving Tuesday Tip

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