Daily Looks: Week Ending 6.3.22

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The only thing I didn’t really wear this week was a skirt. But I did wear 2 dresses so that’s kinda the same thing, right?
Variety is the spice of life as I always like to say.


Dress: Belong Lifestyle USA~~Vest: Maurices~~Sandals: Modzori

Today, was massage day, so I like to wear something easy to get in and out of.

That’s why I chose this tiered floral dress. BTW, I took off the lowest ruffle when I got it because it was too overwhelming.

It doesn’t need a vest per se, but I wanted to try to toughen up the girliness of the look. I actually switched out this one to my white denim vest (which you can see on my TikTok video–if you go check it out, make sure to give me a follow and like it)

The sandals are a new pair that I just won off an Instagram giveaway from the company, Modzori. In fact, my massage woman just saw them on QVC. They are reversible so they could have black straps or these tan straps.
And I was happily surprised at how comfy they are. The next time I wear them, I’ll give you all of the info about them. I need to try them out more for a in-depth review.

Memorial Day

Pants: Banana Republic ~~Top: no label~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Nella”

I wouldn’t say this is my favorite outfit ever. But I wasn’t going to take the time to futz with it more. It’s one day of my life and I try to learn from the looks that don’t make me say “wow”.

One of the issues is this star tee. It’s too big, so that’s why I always layer it (as seen with my Halftee here). I should add it to my alterations pile and see what I could do with it.

I do love these pants. They are linen and tremendously comfortable for hot days. Rarely do I forget that I have something in my closet, but I bought these on huge clearance in November, so they never got worn out of the gate.
Then I came upon them just last month and the lightbulb went off!!

Insider tip: I always suggest wearing your new purchases as soon as you can to put that memory in your brain.

I chose to wear both gold and silver together. The sandals are my “Nella” gold sandals recently reviewed here. And the silver chain belt has been in my closet for ages (in fact, I think a friend passed it on to me).


Dress: Won from ShopCozy~~Shoes: Via Spaga-thrifted

It looks like I’m having a moment with blue clothing, LOL. This is one of those easy peasy t-shirt dresses. I won it in a giveaway, and I realize it’s too big. I keep wondering if I should take it in on the side seams, or leave it bigger? Time will tell.

I choose a pair of rose gold thrifted sandals and then turquoise earrings from Sally Hoffman Designs.

Not a lot of extras, and I think that’s an advantage of a print t-shirt dress. You just don’t need a lot else.


Pants: NY & Co-Savers~~Top: The Limited~~Shoes: Dolcetta-Goodwill

Since you loved my orange pants from last week, I decided to try a different type of orange pants this week.

These are wide-leg pants and I have to say I feel like my legs are a million feet long. And I love the color combination.

I even included some print mixing with the belt (also thrifted from Savers).

You can see a close-up of the earrings in the introduction photo. They are made by my friend Joanne, who is on Etsy (these are still available in two colorways).


Capris: Ethyl c/o~~Top: Veronica M c/o~~Shoes: Open Edit-Nordstrom

Today’s look is brought to you by my new favorite strapless bra. This is exactly the type of top I would never consider a couple of years ago because who wants to wear an uncomfortable strapless bra?

It was totally a fluke that I found the Gatherall bra (Gather10 for 10% off). I had bought and tried out over 10 different kinds of strapless bras for this post, and then I saw this one in a PR newsletter.
It’s basically like my favorite from my original research, but once I tried it out, I found it was WAY better.

Yes, yes, I’ll be writing a dedicated post about it soon, but suffice it to say, it enables me to stop being limited in which tops I want to buy and wear.

I’m also wearing capri pants because I like to knock the idea that they make you look frumpy.

Are you surprised I added pink shoes instead of yellow? Too much matchiness gives me the willies! You’ll see another reason on the blog later this month.


Shorts: WHBM-thrifted~~Jacket: Chicos~~Shoes: thrifted

Wearing shorts has been something I’ve only started doing again in these last 8 years since retiring. I was under the impression that I was TOO old and professional for such nonsense.
Gosh, I’m so glad I figured out that thinking is hogwash!!

These shorts are the ones that I first used for my color recipe 2 years ago. I wanted to wear them with a blazer, but it’s just too hot. So I grabbed a graphic tee (it says “Love” and you can see how my husband has the same one here).

And yes, I even added a necklace even though the tee has writing on it. I believe we can have more than one thing going on at a time in our outfits.

The sandals are a pair I found thrifting just this week. They have these interesting stones on them and have a small block heel. It doesn’t even look like they had been worn, so they were definitely a deal.

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