How I kicked off summer

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how I kicked off summer

Happy Friday, everyone!!  This is a different way to say what I wore this week, by just saying how I kicked off summer.

For all practical purposes, it is summer where I live in South Texas. 

And a cool front actually allowed me to wear longer pants for a couple of days.

In the first photo, I am wearing an outfit I just put together to run to the grocery and post office.

These are all pieces which have lived in my closet for awhile.

I am so glad that I held on to all of my Eileen Fisher pants after I left professional office life…I wear them often for comfort, fit and colors.

The cost per wear is low on my pants because I do wear them often and many wear purchased on sale.

This top is a past re-sale shop purchase and it is a Ralph Lauren top…very feminine.

In warmer weather, I do toss on kimonos often and that will only increase as we get more into summer.


How I kicked off summer

I did kick off summer by working which means I was out and about gathering content for this blog.

When I went to Talbot’s to check out the coastal styles, it was a cooler day.  

I wore this lovely Rachel Zoe top originally from Marshall’s and my Talbot’s jeggings.

One of the reasons, you see me in the BZEES sandals so much is that they are super comfy to walk in with my funky feet.

My hammer toes love summer weather…they love to be free!

how I kicked off summer

When I went to Marshall’s for coastal styles,  I wore my Zenergy navy crops, my bee ruffle shirt from Loft, and topped it with a linen shirt from Banana Republic.

I love to have all of these pieces in my wardrobe…I have mixed and matched them often.  My purse was from Marshall’s as well.

how I kicked off summer

On the day I shopped Kohl’s, I wore an older Vince Camuto top from Macy’s with really old Soft Surroundings skinny crop jeans (they no longer carry these).

There are cute tops by Vince Camuto at Macy’s this year…check out these…VINCE CAMUTO AT MACY’S.


How I kicked off summer

I told you recently that Leigh Ann and I are going to work through a list which was in Joanna Gaines’s summer edition of Magnolia Journal Magazine.

This list is to help us have a summer where we thrive and flourish.  So, Leigh Ann and I will go through the list…sometimes together and sometimes separately.

How I kicked off summer

I started with an easy one because I listen to the birds sing every morning and today I am letting those of you who follow on Instagram hear them.

There is something so joyful about starting your day with birds singing.

How I kicked off summer

On this day as I listened, I noticed a nice sized hummingbird in my tree.  Do you see him?

He waited there for awhile and then flew done to one of my feeders.

How I kicked off summer

I also noticed a yellow headed wood pecker at the feeder…see the red dot on his head!

We are both doing more on the list and will have more reports soon…watch for them at the bottom of other posts!

Hope you had an amazing week and got a good kick to your own summer.  Hopefully see you tomorrow with Would You Wear It…it will be very different for what I usually do.

I hope you will participate…I even joined in to get the conversation started!


By Pamela Lutrell

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how I kicked off summer

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