Joel Kim Booster Is the Official Ambassador of Summer Mesh

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Feel the breeze!

A collage of joel kim booster wearing three different mesh tank tops on a colorful background

Photographs: Getty Images; Collage: Gabe Conte

Depending on where you are in the world, it is hot outside, thus making it almost a practical declaration to herald this season of see-through shirts. And while lace and crochet have their place, mesh is, indisputably, the most fun among such textile medians between shirts and skins. With the right application, a netted shirt can be the outfit equivalent of a condensation-beaded cold one on a hot summer’s night.

No one is making this case harder than the comedian Joel Kim Booster, who’s been on a mesh tear while making the press rounds for his debut film Fire Island, which hit Hulu earlier this month. First, he wore a white mesh corset by Dion Lee to the film’s premiere. He followed that up a few weeks later with a dusky gray mesh bodysuit by the New York-based brand Leak for an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. A few days after that, he wore a black mesh tee by Ami to the premiere of the upcoming Apple TV comedy Loot, on which he also stars. A busy schedule calls for torso breathability.

Certainly, mesh feels like a thematically apt choice for Booster’s press tour—a mesh tee and the longtime gay oasis of Fire Island go together like clarified butter and lobster. (Enjoy this great photo of the late André Leon Talley wearing a mesh shirt on Fire Island in the ’70s.) But even beyond the eastern strip off Long Island’s South Shore, mesh has a crackly conviviality. Sure, mesh ebbs in and out of mainstream style every so often, but it also exists on a spectrum, allowing one to opt for a looser fishnet weave or a tighter gauzier knit, depending on preference. Find your beach.

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