Movement Monday isn’t Magic but Move Anyway, but only if it works for you

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Movement Monday Yoga Version

I’m not sure where Movement Monday came from but it seems to be a thing. On the internet anyway.

There’s also #MotivationMonday.

There’s a lot of pressure on Mondays. It’s also international bench press day.

International bench press day

I’ve always been a fan of getting to the gym on Monday. It sets the tone for the week. I blogged about it here.

But I also want to say, especially to the weekend warriors among us, that it’s okay to rest Mondays. There’s nothing magical about Mondays. Because the worry is when you build something up to a big and important thing and then if you miss it, you think the whole week is ruined.

It’s OK to miss a Monday. Embrace the small failure, don’t make it a big one.

But it’s also OK if making Monday a Big and Important Thing works for you and it’s a great way to kick your fitness week with a bang, then do that.

The point is that Movement Monday is a tool. If it works for you, have fun with that. Share the Movement Monday Memes. Go big on the bench press. Run, run, run!

An aside: I shared Krista Scott-Dixon’s latest thing on TikTok to our Facebook page and she makes the same point about fitness trackers. They’re not the boss of you. They’re tools. I think it’s the same point. Movement Monday isn’t a fitness imperative. It’s a motivational tool that works for lots of people.

But if moving Monday doesn’t fit your life, that’s OK too. I remember when my kids were little thinking that just making it through a Monday was a big achievement. Everyone got to school or daycare? Great. In that stage of life I treated my week, at least in fitness terms, as starting on Tuesday. Monday was too much all on its own.

Your Monday night be Movement Monday or it might be Meh Monday.

Happy Monday whichever way you roll!

A baby, it’s chest day
I’m here to make your Monday a little better. Cute dog.

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