Simple Outlooks About Layering Sleeveless Items or Going Bare?

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For our Ageless Style theme, Mireille came up with the theme sleeveless.
At some time in our life, we have this thought about layering sleeveless items. Not just due to the weather or staying warm, but because of the fact that our arms and skin are changing as we age.
Luckily, society is advancing in the thinking to love our bodies as is. It’s a huge mantra on my site.

Quote of the day: “Confidence is not, ‘I hope they like me.’ Confidence instead is, ‘I’ll be fine if they don’t’” Christina Grimmie

Layering Sleeveless Items or Going Bare?
Going bare with a casual top
Baring arms with a summer dress
Layering over the sleeveless item
Wearing a shirt under the sleeveless piece

Even with the self confidence that we should strive to have, one of my superpowers is to have options. Options with how to style something, and options on the variety of layering sleeveless items.

So with 4 of us modeling today, we are here to split up the options. 2 examples of baring arms no matter what age or size.
And 2 of us layering sleeveless items in different ways.
Or as I like to say, there’s something for everyone.

Layering sleeveless items. Yes or no

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Lesley Going Bare with a Casual Top

Lesley chose to go bare and shared this: “Yes I have what a friend once referred to as “Hello Dollies.” As I’ve stated before I don’t feel (too) self-conscious about the old lady’s upper arms. I work in that area in water aerobics and it is what it is. I have both arms and they still work. 
There are times I cover them up, but living in a warm climate I want to be comfortable and cool so I go bare. I guess it’s part of embracing my body as it is. And I still wear shorts for the same reasons.”

Wearing sleeveless over age 70

Skirt: no label-Goodwill~~ Top: Zeena-Savannah Mamma~~ Shoes: White Mountain~~ Purse: no label

Tank tops are the casual essentials that you see around our area. When your torso is shorter like Lesley’s then it’s nice to find a hack that makes it fit better.

Insider tip: Creating a knot on the side of a shirt can be done with extra material or an elastic band (found on Amazon).

The advance of making your own knot this way is that you can make the shirt the length you want it and you don’t have to tuck it in.
If you don’t like the tail hanging out, then try pulling in the material from the inside or tucking the tail underneath.

Floral Pleated Skirt

This midi-length pleated skirt is really such a great option for the hotter days in summer. It doesn’t stick against your body and also makes it easy to sit down in.
Remember, just because it’s a skirt doesn’t mean it’s only for a dressy occasion. Just add sandals or sneakers to make it more casual.

Insider tip: Traveling in the car?? Shorter skirts and shorts can have you sticking to the car seats. That’s why you might like the longer skirts better.

Summer Accessories

When it’s really hot outside, you won’t see us wearing heavy necklaces or scarves. But you will see lots of straw purses and sandals.

Lesley has 3 pairs of these White Mountain sandals because they are so easy to walk in and are sassy for the summer.

Cathie Baring Arms in a Sleeveless Summer Dress

Cathie was born and raised in Arizona and thus knows a thing or two about staying cool in the hundred-degree weather. In fact, you’ll see her all over her Instagram page showing many other sleeveless pieces.

Plus size woman in style

Dress: All in Motion-(Target brand)-Final Clearance ~~Shoes: Time and True (Walmart brand)-Final Clearance ~~Bracelet: Variety of them collected over the years~~ Earrings: Created Pretty-won in a giveaway

So for this idea of layering sleeveless items or going bare, she joined in on the bare team!! Her sleeveless item of choice?? A summer tennis dress that she found for a steal.
Cathie recently discovered this store called Final Clearance which is an outlet store near us. It has all kinds of different brands, and she picked up this tennis dress as well as the sneakers.

You may have never considered wearing a tennis dress like this but Cathie thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread.
Why?? It has built-in shorts AND a built-in bra. While she usually doesn’t depend on just the bras that come with these kinds of items, this one is SO comfortable.

She told me that she wants one of these dresses in every color. And the best thing is she only paid $10 for it. In fact, her mom bought 2 of them, they are that comfy!

Accessorizing with a Tennis Dress

Even though a tennis dress is one of those athleisure wear items that tend to be more casual, there’s no reason you can’t add an accessory or two.
Cathie didn’t wear a necklace, but instead, put on statement earrings. The best thing about many of the bigger earrings now is how they can be made from materials that are lightweight.

Sneakers are being worn with everything nowadays. Skirts, dresses, as well as your jeans and casual outfits. It’s the best way to combine comfort and be on-trend.

Jodie Layering Over Sleeveless Items

Even though I’m talking about layering sleeveless items with something over top, that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in baring our arms. Sure, I have noticed a bit of crepey skin and jiggle, but in no way, shape, or form do I think that’s a bad thing.

Insider tip: Just stop and analyze the reason we think one way or another. Sure, we might have been programmed to hide away certain “imperfections”, but in reality that causes stress. The sooner we learn to embrace our bodies as they are, the sooner we can feel freer in what we wear.

Spaghetti strap summer top

Pants: Ethyl c/o ~~ Cardigan: Zara ~~ Top: Veronica M c/o ~~ Shoes: Italian Shoemakers -DSW ~~ Bracelet: Made by Judy ~~ Earrings: from Naomi & Ruth boutique~~ Purse: Ideas Valyen-won in a giveaway

I started off with this floaty yellow halter tie ruffle top from a US-based company called Veronica M. The brand is one of those that showcases only younger girls, yet many of their items are truly ageless. I think if you saw them on older women, you’d realize that too.

Since the top is very voluminous, I paired it with more form-fitting pants. HOWEVER, remember the time I wore the same top with voluminous shorts (check out Thursday in this daily outfits post)?
Don’t always follow the style rules. You will never know how they look together until you try it.

The Micro Cardigan

I used this layering over my sleeveless top with the idea of going into stores or restaurants where the AC is very chilly. You don’t need a ton of coverage, but just a little.
So I pulled out this micro cardigan that I found at Zara’s.

The micro cardigan is not something you see everywhere, but I’m telling you it’s been one of my best purchases. It’s unique yet very functional for my lifestyle.
In fact, one of my friends said she was getting one since it would be the perfect layering item over her camisoles. That gave me the idea for this outfit.

I really like how it covers my arms for warmth but doesn’t compete with the ruffles of the top.

Pink and Yellow Together

I have the exact memory of seeing a woman combine pink and yellow together and thinking it was an interesting color combination. Needless to say, I’ve embraced it many times since.

What you may not realize is there is no pink in this yellow floral top. The flowers in it are red, yet the pink still works because pink is just a different shade of red.

That thing on my sweater?? It’s a tie clip. I was going to wear a brooch, but it didn’t look right, so I threaded one of my dad’s tie clips through the buttonhole.

As for the sandals, they are a style that both Lesley and I have a couple of pairs of because they are so easy to wear.

Charlotte-Layering Under Sleeveless Items

Charlotte is all about layering her sleeveless items. In fact, at her age, I rarely see her wear items without some kind of sleeve.
But there was this one time recently that I applauded her for going sleeveless. She even walked around the park that day without her cardigan over her shoulders, so I know she has it in her.

Layering sleeveless item with another top

Pants: JM Collection-Macy’s ~~ ~~ Lace Top: Montesu-thrifted~~ Coral Top Underneath: Mom made it ~~ Shoes: Susina-thrifted ~~ Purse: Kelly & Katie-DSW

So you might wonder why she even bought this lace sleeveless top? I asked her that question and she said because it was a great deal and she thought she would use the lace for something else.
Yet I think it also works fabulously for layering.

My mom decided to layer under the sleeveless top with a 3/4 length sleeve knit top that she made years ago. Since the coral color top hangs out under the lace everywhere, it certainly looks like the lace could be sewn onto it.

Accessories for Summer

Wearing a lace shirt is basically wearing a print top, so you may not feel the need to wear as many accessories. Which works perfectly for the hotter weather anyways.

Insider tip: Lace is a design that you may think of as “dressy”. But that’s not the case anymore. Wear it with jeans, wear it for a casual day, just wear it!!

I love that my mom is mixing prints with her shoes and purse. If you consider lace a textural print, then my mom is actually wearing 3 prints!! Notice that the shoes are camo print!

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Different ideas of layering sleeveless items or not

Ageless Style with Layering Sleeveless Items

This group of women is ageless in their style and ideas, so I hope you give them all a gander and see if they subscribe to the idea of layering sleeveless items or going bare!
We don’t all post at the same time so make sure to check back if their post isn’t up yet.

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How do you feel about layering sleeveless items

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