Stopping by Kohl’s

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Stopping by Kohl's

Happy Thursday, ladies!  Today, I am sharing a day recently which found me stopping by Kohl’s.

Since Monday, I have shared information to get us all in a budget saving state -of -mind during high inflation times.

So, occasionally throughout the summer I will make a stop by a retailer with savings in mind. 

Just a reminder about Leigh & me shopping trips…we have been crossing paths lately busy with family, so hopefully by mid-June we will be on the trail again!

So, here are a few thoughts about my local Kohl’s.

It is a mess only because they are building a Sephora in the middle of the store, but I was still able to spy some items.


Stopping by Kohls

Everywhere I go right now, I am between sizes and it is so interesting how it differs at each retailer.

At one my normal size will be too large and at another too small.  Finding good fit for me was an issue when I stopped by.

For example, This lovely Draper James dress almost skewed two sizes too small though it was marked a Large.

I will say the quality of the dress was exceptional….just remember it fit smaller than marked.  Comments say it fits true to size but I would disagree with that.

Stopping by Kohl's

I am really into blazers lately and when I see one in my size, I take it with me to the dressing room.

This is the Nine West Double-Breasted Blazer in Marsala Flower. The blazer itself felt great.

But if you look up to my shoulders you will see the creases which prevent a proper fit…and I think the built in shoulder pads are a part of the problem here.

It fits on the shoulder but the puffiness up at the shoulder just did not work…so sad because I love the color!

Here are some items I saw that I really liked….


Stopping by Kohl's

I really like the button down shirts by Nine West.  This is the Nine West Draped Shirt in Faint Whisper but it does come in many colors.

It also is available for Plus Size and Petites.  I like the shirt a lot…it could be very versatile and the colors I saw where lovely.

Stopping by Kohl's

I also like this ruched detail on  the  Simply Vera Vera Wang Ruched Tee.

It sure helps a tee from being boxy and gives it a nice look.  This is the Pierre Peach color.

Stopping by Kolh's

I also liked the look of the Nine West High-Neck Cutaway Sweater Tank…in the fall this would look nice under a blazer with jeans.

Stopping by Kohl's

Since we have been discussing coastal style recently, this bag by Rosetti captured my attention.  There are several designs with this stripe.

Stopping by Kohl's

This color of pant is called Beau Brown and as an autumn-palette girl, I really liked it.

These Simply Vera Vera Wang Simply Modern Ankle Pants are a nice pant, good fit and nice fabric. Comes in several colors.

Stopping by Kohl's

Stopping by Kohl's

I was really impressed with this athletic wear by a brand that is new to me FLX.

If I lived in a cooler climate, I would give this a try…cute designs.  But heavy fabrics, so I expect it not to sell so well here.

Stopping by Kohl's

This was my favorite garment of the stopping by Kohl’s trip.

I have actually been looking for a cute oversized vest and I like this one by Simply Vera Vera Wang.

This is the Simply Vera Vera Wang Sleeveless Blazer, and while I like it, I did not want to pay full price for it…so it stayed behind.

I did make a purchase on this trip to Kohl’s…it was a $5.00 Napier Brooch in my orange and gold colors…I will wear it for you soon.

How many of you are Kohl’s shoppers?   Do you mind sharing why you shop there…it might help other women!

Thanks so much for being here today and make sure that you always stay safe and…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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