Summer 2022 & Silver Linings

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Summer 2022 Silver Linings

Happy Monday, all.  Today, I want to discuss and hopefully encourage you with a message about Summer 2022 & Silver Linings.

In South Texas we are panting through a weekend of Excessive Heat Warnings.  It is too early to see these numbers on the weather report…but, as they say, it is what it is. Our beautiful green grass is already crunchy.

We also entered the hot weekend with the highest inflation we have seen in 40 years anchored by still rising gas prices.  The grocery store is a bit of a challenge these days.

Oh, and of course, I had a real life experience with rising crime rates.

Summer 2022 Silver linings

However, I am choosing to face this summer as I did throughout the pandemic with a “one day at a time” focus on silver linings.

During the past two years, I would focus on the little things around me each day which welled up a feeling of gratitude within me.

I do love this quote because I have learned it is true….

“Create the habit of gratitude and watch your life transform”.  – Robin Lee

It doesn’t mean I do not acknowledge the challenges of this life…I just shift my focus daily to moments which make me smile and feel deep appreciation.


Summer 2022 Silver Linings

 One of the reasons I was first taken with the summer to do list in Joanna Gaines’ magazine, The Magnolia Journal, is because it is a list of little things.

It is not one of those Bucket Lists created to inspire us toward Great Feat Inspiration like jumping out of a plane or navigating a river of rapids or taking a space trip with Jeff Bezos & crew.

However, it is the opposite…the list is very simple, such as, “photograph a sunset” as you see in the opening photo. 

I walked out the front door while visiting my daughter’s family and was mesmerized by the sunset that evening…this was just a couple of weeks ago.

Summer 2022 Silver Linings

Because of the list, I was motivated to grab my phone and  capture the moment.

The list has led me to focus on the simple things and experience great appreciation for them during a time I might be moved to grumble.

The list acknowledges that life can have joy and meaning even without big feats.

Eating a fresh peach….visiting a farm stand…taking a road trip…listening to the birds sing in the morning…all  so simple and so nice.


Summer 2022 Silver Linings

So let’s keep going forward on the list! 

Leigh Ann and Mr. T love to make ice pops and quickly checked it off.

Summer 2022 Silver Linings

She enjoys her Zoku for their ice pops…so easy and she creates unique recipes.

Summer 2022 Silver Linings

These were her own orange creamsicles with 3 oranges kept cold in the fridge that she juiced (about 1/2 cup).

Then she added a 1/2 cup of whipping cream and a teaspoon of honey.

They are enjoying the Zac & Zoe Unfiltered Raw Honey.

According to these two and the investors of Shark Tank, the health benefits of this brand are great!

My favorite frozen treat these days is a frozen banana!  Love them!

Summer 2022 Silver Linings

Leigh Ann’s Mr. T makes his first appearance here with his silver lining of summer.

Now, here are some of the ways to create your own ice pops:

Summer 2022 Silver Linings

I completed one section of the list with DRINK A TALL GLASS OF LEMONADE and BUY A NEW PAIR OF SUNGLASSES

I was excited to find several pair of sunglasses at Loft which are perfect for those of us who wear warm colors!  


Summer 2022 Silver Linings

I easily could have made my own lemonade, but when I drove by a group of neighborhood children with a Lemonade Stand, I knew ….this is it.

I just had to stop and enjoy their smiles and exuberance to sell their fares….and offer support for their cause!

I stuck with the lemonade…though the baked goods looked really yummy!  

Summer 2022 Silver Linings

Silver linings not on the list?

The mamas and babies in our neighborhood are pretty sweet to watch.

I also finally had multiple hummingbirds at my feeders and love to see them in the early morning when it is not yet unbearable outside.

I hope if you are struggling with joy this summer that you will join us in seeking and experiencing silver linings all around you.

The small ones…they do not have to be great feats….but can be in your own backyard.

I know readers Connie and Karen are joining in with the list…hope some of you will come along too or experience them here with Leigh Ann & me. 

More to come later in the week.  Tomorrow, I will have more for you on Budget Saving Tuesday!  Hope to see you then.

If you have Summer 2022 Silver Linings so far this June, please share them with the rest of us….and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Summer 2022 & Silver Linings

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