Summer! JJill Dress, Salmon and Peaches

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JJill Dress, Salmon and Peaches

Happy June Friday, all!  Today I want to share with you a taste of summer with a JJill Dress, salmon and peaches!

We are experiencing excessive heat early this year and it has stayed solidly in triple digits.

That is why I am looking at wearing dresses more often, and finding the silver linings of summer for you.  

What better silver linings that easy dresses, salmon and peaches!


JJill Dress, Salmon and Peaches

Regular readers know that I keep a close watch on warm colors that fit my wardrobe family.

This JJill Ultrasoft – Gauze Button Hem Shirtdress in baked clay is easy and comfy with pockets and button details on the sides at the hem.

It is 100% cotton gauze and also is available in Navy Blue….I received compliments from retail workers on the first day I wore this out.

There are many ways I will be able to accessorize it so that it looks different throughout the summer. I am so glad I added it to the family!

Here are some new items just released at JJill:


JJill Dress, Salmon and peaches

I mentioned to you in the wine tasting post that I discovered a new way to cook salmon and make a delicious caprese salad.

Both are SUPER EASY!!

JJill Dress, Salmon and peaches

All you do is rub your salmon down with a rustic olive oil, and sprinkle generously with this Adams Reserve Sweet and Spicy Seafood/Salmon Rub.

Then bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes….or put on the grill.  Mr. B said it is a new favorite…better than eating out!

JJILL Dress, Salmon and Peaches

The Caprese salad was awesome, but I confess I did modify the recipe some.

This Balsamic vinegar is incredible and I am so glad to have discovered it. Definitely worth the money. 

Here is a similar one at Williams Sonoma….Williams Sonoma Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

The recipe calls for

8 oz. Mozzarella Pearls, quartered

1 pint of angel sweet (cherry) tomatoes, halved long ways (I just kept them whole)

2 Tbsp. Balsamic Vinegar

1 Tbsp. Adams Reserve Cacio E. Pepe Seasoning

2 Tbsp. rustic unfiltered Olive oil


I could not locate the Cacio E. Pepe Seasoning.  I read online that it consists mainly of Romano Cheese and pepper…so that is what I used!

I also added some fresh basil from Leigh Ann’s herb garden.

I made it a day early to marinate in the refrigerator and it was so good…tastes great with the salmon…and wine, of course!


JJill Dress Salmon and Peaches

Yesterday, I shared with you Leigh Ann’s contribution “to stop at a roadside farm stand” on our summer to do list.

Today, I share with you my roadside farm and eat a peach contribution…. done together!

JJill dress salmon and peaches

Everyone in Texas knows that the very best peaches come from The Fredericksburg area!  They are delicious!

JJill Dress Salmon and Peaches

JJill dress salmon and peaches

Mr. B and I stopped by this roadside stand recently …hoping to find both peaches and tomatoes.

They did not have the tomatoes, but Leigh Ann brought me fabulous ones from her garden.

The peaches did not disappoint!  So good…some time I plan to go pick them… which is offered at several orchards in the area.

JJill dress salmon and peaches

For a healthy, summer dessert, I like to cut one up and eat with Mixmi Frozen Yogurt…probiotic and low calorie.

They are so good and I like to get out and support the local farmers and producers in our area. 

JJill dress salmon and peaches

Leigh Ann and I are chipping away at the Summer to Flourish list and I know at least two readers are joining along with us.

It is fun and does help us to bear the heat…for now any way!

Thanks for joining me today for the JJill dress, salmon and peaches post….what are you up to for your summer day?

Hope to see you tomorrow with Would you wear it and I will be back with a display for women and with Jennifer!


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