Summer with Leigh & me: Talbot’s & Herb Gardens

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Summer with Leigh & Me

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Welcome to Summer with Leigh & Me: Talbot’s & Herb Gardens!

As I have noted, Leigh Ann & I are all about turning Summer 2022 into a silver lining…so thanks for joining in Summer with Leigh & Me!

Today, we are focusing on a recent stop by Talbot’s and on herb gardens!


Summer with Leigh & Me

Summer with Leigh & Me certainly includes an occasional stop by our favorite retailers and today we feature Talbot’s.

Please remember when we go, we are 80% looking for items you might be interested, and 20% shopping for ourselves.

On this trip, Leigh Ann and I went several different directions….

In this photo, she is wearing Tie Waist Shorts in Tarragon, with a top I cannot locate online, so must only be available in store.

However, this shorts would be so cute with the Classic Crewneck Tee 

Summer with Leigh & Me

I liked the Raglan V-neck high-low sweater in Daisy with the Chatham Crop Pants.

It is a lightweight sweater which is in four beautiful colors.

Summer with Leigh & Me

Leigh Ann’s favorite this day was this Stripe Pigment Dyed Midi Dress in Port Blue/Indigo.

Today through June 19, all dresses and skirts are 30% off with the discount taken automatically at checkout.

Summer with Leigh & Me

If I looked as good as Leigh Ann does in Talbot’s skirts, I would be tempted to own them all!

Here she is modeling the Embroidered A-Line Skirt with Pima Bateau Neck Tank in the White/Camellia Rose color.


Summer with Leigh & Me

I am well aware it is summer….but that is the best time to hit the clearance racks and find great pieces.

I also am aware there are climates north of me where you can wear some of these now!

The next two looks are from the sale racks.  

This is the Fresh Lemons Intarsia Sweater with the Lemon Blossom Oblong Scarf (not on sale).

Summer with Leigh & Me

All three of these pieces are lovely and would be great finds to pick up for fall.

However, this look is a great example of why it pays off to visit the stores occasionally.

The white blouse and the brown pants are not currently online…but these pants are beautiful.

If I still worked in an office, I would have been tempted to buy them and hem them.

I am also wearing the Notch Collar Sweater Jacket in black…but available in other colors.

June and especially July are great times to stop by stores to check the sale area.


Summer with Leigh & Me

Back to our Summer 2022 list!  Leigh Ann and I both checked off plant an herb garden because we already grow fresh herbs.

Summer with Leigh & me

I am sure many of you agree…but there is nothing like adding fresh herbs to our meals and even creating our own pesto.

This week I cooked chicken in the crock pot and tossed in fresh basil, rosemary, and oregano.  The flavor boost is incredible and you can even taste it down into the meat.

I can so so much with one chicken and the broth…it is budget saving as well.

Summer with Leigh & Me

Leigh Ann grows her herbs along with a full thriving garden.

She stopped by recently with tomatoes and fresh herbs and that brings on a huge smile on my part.

I love home grown tomatoes so much. 

Lately, I am addicted to a tomato sandwich with toasted sprouted grain bread, tomato slices, fresh spinach, basil and kale with a little melted Weight Watcher’s cheese over the veggies.

So good…I may go make one right now!

If you have any ideas with your fresh herbs you would like to share…please share them here!

We love to check more off our list from The Magnolia Journal!

Summer with Leigh & Me

Now, before we go…here are some more new arrivals at Talbot’s:

Thanks for joining in Summer with Leigh & Me at Talbot’s and in our herb gardens!  Hope you are enjoying our escapades!  

Please share any thoughts and make sure that you always…….


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Summer 2022 Silver Linings

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