Surviving A Trend

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Happy Friday ladies. Your insightful comments yesterday got me thinking about trends and current fashion. And in case I haven’t said it lately, you are the best and I thank you for sharing your wisdom here. Today I have some thoughts on how to survive an unflattering trend.

woman wearing off shoulder fashion trend

Trends are the general direction that fashion is going and usually last 3-8+ years. Some women are energized by change and love incorporating new looks, into their wardrobe. Other women love classics all the way and their look stays relatively the same year after year. Most women fall somewhere in between, including me because I believe a touch of trend helps keep us looking current.

A few comments from the community yesterday:

“I know ruffles are big this year, but I am tall so I feel they can make me look silly.”

“The cute little ruffled tops and dresses would suit a child, certainly not a mature woman.”

“I’m tall and feel silly in the ruffles that are so popular this year.”

“The current trend of “angel-wing” shoulder ruffles feels ridiculous on me.”

“If I wore something as a child or teenager, it’s not appropriate now.”

“The days of walking into stores and finding lots of choices are gone. Looking for clothes that look well on the older me takes more time. 😮 It means looking at the inventory with a different eye. ”

Vogue has just declared that the puff-sleeve trend is here to stay, and yet many of us are not embracing it. So how do we survive an unflattering trend that seems omnipresent?

  • Stay in your lane. It’s more than ok to sit a trend out.
  • Try different retailers…this is where online shopping shines.
  • Go through what you own and put things together in new combinations that feel fresh to you.
  • Take better care of what you already own.
  • Buy better quality in styles you love.
  • Avoid shopping.

Brands tend to give us more of what sells well and apparently that’s puff sleeves, ruffles, and shapeless tiers that could be worn by a 5-year-old right now. These styles are particularly unflattering for my silhouette and I feel goofy in them so I’ll be sitting these out for my wardrobe.

woman walking towards you on sidewalk with mirror sunglasses, white blazer and blue jeans

The other thing that came up yesterday was how our bodies have changed and the ways we allow that to limit what we’re comfortable wearing.

We’re aging, it’s a fact, and we’re lucky to be doing so. That doesn’t mean we’re crazy about our crepey skin, ropey veins, sagging knees, or wobbly upper arms but we must learn to love the body we have and dress it strategically. We also need to give ourselves permission to wear what we love, no matter what others think.

Trends are a bit like fast food. They’re easy to find, may feel good initially, but are ultimately never healthy for your wardrobe. I chose to tread lightly with trends and will continue to do so.

Just for a laugh, here are a few upcoming 90s trends I will be sitting out. Scrunchies, bike shorts, low-rise jeans, jelly sandals.

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.

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