This Is Millie Bobby Brown’s Favorite Stranger Things 4 Scene

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When the first season of Stranger Things dropped on Netflix six whole years ago, the character of Eleven, with her shaved head, telekinetic powers and love for Eggos, immediately become the most recognizable character on the show. Each subsequent season has propelled Eleven (a.k.a. El, a.k.a. Jane) further along on her journey, meeting her long-lost superpowered sister Eight, finding a father figure in Hopper, and falling in love with Mike.

When the fourth season opens, Eleven is struggling to adjust to “normal” life away from the supernatural goings-on of Hawkins. Having relocated to California with Joyce, Will and Jonathan, she no longer has her powers, and is facing her greatest enemy yet: the popular mean girls of high school.

In a recent interview, actress Millie Bobby Brown revealed the scene from the final season that she found the most interesting to play: a moment from episode three, “The Monster and the Superhero,” where Eleven expresses her fears to a clueless Mike.

“One of my favorite scenes in season four is the scene where Eleven expresses to Mike that he isn’t loving her the way that she wants to be loved,” says Brown. “I really liked that scene, I think it’s very real and authentic. Is she worth it without her powers? Does he love her without her powers? Is she still this superwoman in his mind?”

“It’s very emotional,” she continues. “I think it shows a real, true girl, dealing with her insecurities. I really enjoyed that.”

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