Top Organic Bras and Why You Need One

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I know what you’re thinking. “Organic bras? I’ve heard of buying organic produce at the store, why would I ever need ‘organic lingerie?’” We are talking organic fabrics and dyes here– super comfortable, great for your health, and great for the environment.

Just like any food, household, or beauty item, anything that comes in contact with your skin (or is ingested for that matter) is absorbed into your body, mostly in very small amounts. Your skin is actually the largest organ for absorption, so what you wear on your body is just as important as what you eat and apply directly to the skin. Most of our clothes are made from synthetic material and covered in dyes and chemicals to get them to be colorfast, keep their shape, and hold up against wear and tear. These chemicals can be azo colorants, heavy metals, and carcinogens like formaldehyde. All these toxic ingredients are constantly absorbed by your skin, and your undergarments come into contact with more sensitive areas of the body. In addition, synthetic fabrics trap moisture, which can cause feminine health issues. 

Switching to organic cotton undergarments can help reduce the risk of UTIs, yeast infections, eczema flares, and skin irritation.

In addition, buying organic means you’re also buying sustainably made, ethically sourced and eco-friendly garments made of organic cotton to support our environment. If you’re interested in investing in some beautiful organic bras and panties, look no further. We have looked for the best sustainable bras and panties we could find.

First, though, let’s talk a little about sustainable materials. Organic cotton, bamboo viscose, wool, silk, and linen are materials to look for. In short, natural materials. While I have been familiar with cotton, wool, linen, and silk, I was not familiar with bamboo, but it’s surprisingly soft and far superior to synthetic materials. You may also want to look for natural dyes and avoid processes or dyes with toxic chemicals. It’s shocking that such things would be found in women’s underwear. It shouldn’t be too much to ask–a good bra made with sustainable fabrics!

Regardless of whether you decide to go all in and buy only organic cotton bras from sustainable sources to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry, you just want to be more mindful of what you add to your wardrobe, want to add higher quality items, or you want natural fabrics for health reasons,


Araks offers luxury, eco-friendly, and 100% organic cotton lingerie, swimwear, and resort wear. They have transparent manufacturing and sourcing information so you can feel confident that you are investing in a piece that was sourced ethically and sustainably and that all parties involved were paid fair wages and provided with comfortable working conditions. Araks is the quintessential sustainable clothing brand. They reduce waste by working excess materials into future seasons instead of discarding the extra fabric. They also save every swatch of a scrap of fabric to be recycled and donate any excess materials they aren’t able to use. They are huge proponents of slow fashion, and their pieces are simple, beautiful, and timeless, so as trends change, your Araks pieces will stay relevant for years to come.

Araks offers soft cup bras, bralettes, and sports bras, with very light support. Araks is one of the best options if you are looking for a comfortable bra for everyday wear, and are a c-cup or below. The company does offer D cup and above, but their offerings do not look like they would offer adequate support for those with a larger bust.


Cosabella is an Italian family-run business with the largest selection of lingerie in this roundup. CosaBella makes its products in family-run workshops of local artisans using renaissance-era techniques resulting in high-quality, beautiful bras with great support, a variety of lace, and different colors, for women of all shapes. I noticed several bras for women with larger chests offering full support. I love the fact that they use traditional techniques and eco-friendly materials. Here you will find beautiful options in a wide range of styles and levels of support, and these items will look beautiful in your underwear drawer as well as on your body.

Girlfriend Collective

The Girlfriend Collective boasts a full line of eco-friendly clothing including soft bras and panties. If you are looking for basic, super comfortable soft bras and panties, this is a great choice. They do have plus sizes as well. As with many eco-friendly brands, most of the bras do not have much support or padding. If you are looking for something comfortable to lounge in, or you like soft t-shirt like bras, this brand is for you.


Kickney is a much more affordable organic undergarment brand that has beautiful pieces in a wide size range from XXS to XXXL with measurements to boot- so you know exactly what size you need. Their products are all certified organic, fair trade, and are shipped in eco-friendly packaging. With pieces ranging in price from $17 to $48, it falls just above usual store prices but not as high as many other organic intimate brands. 

If you are looking for one of the best sustainable underwear brands, Kickney is a good option. They offer the highest quality cotton underwear in a variety of cuts and a full range of sizes. The bras are primarily soft cup bralettes and according to the reviews are surprisingly supportive.

Base Range

Base Range prioritizes sourcing organic, natural, or recycled materials and works with small businesses in production. Their dyes are also naturally formulated with plant-based pigments and utilize rainwater for production processes. Their lingerie style is clean, laid back, and has simple silhouettes that look flattering on anyone.

Mary Young

If you’re looking for something other than cotton, Mary Young uses 100% organic bamboo for their pieces. They have a sheer quality like nylon materials, which gives their pieces a sexy and delicate feel. Their products are Oeko-Tex certified meaning that they have a reduced carbon footprint. They put a lot of energy into creating thoughtful packaging for their garments that are eco-friendly and 100% recycled boxes. 

Organic Basics

Organic Basics offers minimalist and eco-friendly undergarments and wardrobe essentials from recycled and biodegradable materials. Their prices aren’t as accessible as Kickney’s, but it does come in below many of the other organic and sustainable undergarment brands. They also have a great line of menswear, loungewear, and swimwear for a large array of sizes. 

Are you looking for a new bra? If you’re considering the switch to organic, sustainably sourced, and eco-friendly brands, be sure to let us know what other products you’d like us to write about! If you are interested in bras with a little more support, check out this post.

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