Would You Wear It – Summer Olive

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Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, ladies!  Welcome to Would you wear it!  Today, I am showing summer olive outfits!

Saturdays are special days around here when my friend Jennifer and I find fashion displays throughout our communities that make us wonder what you think…

Would You Wear It?

So, let’s get started here in San Antonio…..


Would You Wear It

The colors of olive or military green have gone from traditional autumn colors in the fashion industry to all year long.

This display captured my attention with a couple of different ways to style the color.

Please explain your answers and don’t just say yes or no, but tell us why you would or would not wear the garments.

Look them over with a careful fashion consumer eye.

Would You wear it

So, tell us…………………………………………………………………..


This display is from Chico’s and here are the garments, plus a few more….


Would You Wear It

Here are a couple of updates on brands….these are Leigh Ann’s sandals which you can see she is wearing often.

They are a new comfort line to both of us called STROLE, and she says they are amazing and why she is wearing them every day.

If you are in need of a comfort sandal, you might check them out and this style is very pretty with the leather and gold metallic band.

Also, Eileen Fisher has released the pant they recommend for summer heat to replace denim….they look just as good as your jeans!  Check out the Organic Cotton Hemp Tapered pant here…..


Would You Wear It

Eat It?   I was asked for some simple summer lunch ideas and this is a favorite.

I put a chopped onion in a pan treated with cooking olive oil and good the onion first.

Then I add, leftover cooked chicken breast and a minced garlic….brown the chicken.

Then I add a bag of slaw veggies (cabbage, kale, carrot, etc.) and stir and cook this together.

I also put in a tablespoon of Italian herbs, and a sprinkling of garlic salt.

Finally, I stir in one tablespoon of Fat Free Honey Mustard Dressing.  (sometimes I toss in pineapple or berries)

Love it!  Now I am hungry.

Make sure you leave your thoughts on the WOULD YOU WEAR IT display…then head over to A Well Styled Life to see Jennifer’s….and make sure that you always….


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Would you wear It


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