7 Fashion Mistakes Ruining Your Style

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We’re currently being bombarded by sales here, there, and everywhere so I thought I’d share some things to keep in mind before you “add to cart”. Here are 7 fashion mistakes ruining your style and how to avoid them. They’re not rules, they’re suggestions for you to consider before you add new things to your wardrobe.


Not Embracing Your Silhouette

Buying clothes that don’t flatter your body shape asks more of the garment than they’re able to supply. Until you come to terms with and accept your body shape, you’re likely to continue to buy clothes that don’t flatter it. The goal is to focus on the parts you love and dress to divert attention from parts you’re less fond of. You also need to buy and wear clothes that fit your current size. Uncomfortably tight or overly loose clothes don’t look stylish on anyone.what's the best neckline for your face and body?

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Following Too Many Trends

A small touch of trend is fun and keeps us looking modern. Jumping on board with too many of them puts you at risk of looking like a fashion victim and is costly. Anchor your wardrobe with tried and true styles you know flatter your shape, then pepper in trends sparingly. Trends do cycle back into popularity, but they always look different enough to carbon date them.

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Buying Clothes In Unflattering Colors

Whether you enjoy having a personal color palette or not, it should be pretty easy to tell if a color sucks the life out of your complexion. If you love orange, but your face looks sallow next to it, wear it in shoes and skip it next to your face. Gray hair will not change your most flattering colors but it will change the intensity of what flatters you.

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Bright color is more memorable than neutrals, so be sure you’re buying them in drop-dead flattering colors and shapes that look great on you.

Buying Styles That Don’t Fit Your Lifestyle

This one is so tempting. It’s best to allocate at least 80% of your wardrobe dollars to what you wear on a daily basis. If your life involves a lot of Black Tie Events, you should be spending more money on those items. If you attend them rarely, buy one really good, classic outfit and wear it for many years. If you’re retired or work from home, you need to be investing in more casual outfits than the woman who works outside the home. If you golf every day, be sure you’ve invested in golf clothes that look fabulous on you.

Not Buying What You Love

Buying just ok and practical items all the time leads to a pretty boring wardrobe and that’s no fun. Purchase fewer items of better quality which allows you to treat yourself to things you really love. Waiting for those items to go on sale can be a gamble and you need to be prepared to miss out on things.

Saving Your Best Things

Expensive clothes often fall into this category but the truth is, buying less but spending more on them, will elevate your style immediately. It’s too easy to leave our favorite and best things in the closet because we might spill on them or the day doesn’t seem special enough. You deserve to feel fabulous every day so wear the heck out of your best things. This includes underwear too. No one may see it, but you’ll know you’re wearing your newest bra and will feel better in it.

Buying Loners

This happens when you buy for a lifestyle you’re not living, or experiment with random colors that don’t coordinate with what you already own. These are often impulse purchases you’ve not thought through. A good rule of thumb is to think of 4 outfits the item could complete that you already have the other pieces for. Here’s where a color palette can help because it prevents outliers that don’t match anything.

Do you follow the 80/20% allocation for your wardrobe dollars?

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


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