A Jaunt, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:54am

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I have gone South, to spend the weekend with dear girlfriends. We are staying in a suite. The past 24 hours have been full of  joy, and opportunities to understand that people always have something new to reveal, even when you’ve known them forever. Maybe I mean that relationships are infinite. It’s good thing we leave so much of our brains unused, because it’s like having an extra closet that you can open up when needed, to make room for new perspectives.

Here’s where we are staying. Orange County is not the Bay Area. Although apparently we do share summer coastal fog.

Generally I don’t find a snack table like this when I open my door in Northern California. Although that’s probably not about the geography.

Let me answer the unasked question, I broke my cholesterol-management no-cheese rule.

Another unasked question. Yes, there’s a great big ol’ four-poster bed.

I have noticed in a few places in Southern California, although not enough to make a pronouncement of any sort, that fancy establishments here tend Cape Cod/Boston–wicker, chintz etc,–vs. high-gloss Dallas, or as-many-barely-finished-natural-materials-as-can-be-made-functional and/or very, very arty Northern California.

But in the end, as is so often the case in California, the natural world sits in the front of the class and raises her hand,

With the answer to yet another unasked question.

As fancy as this place is, and as much as we are reveling in the offerings, we’d had have another kind of fun at an inexpensive little motel near a different body of water. It would have been just as joyous; I just wouldn’t have eaten the cheese.

Have a wonderful weekend. Call a girlfriend. And if for some reason that is not, as they say in yoga, available, let’s say this is a call and I’ll wave goodbye now and send kisses to the screen.

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