A review of Kohl’s + Sephora

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Kohl's + Sephora

Happy, happy Monday, everyone!  Welcome to my review of Kohl’s + Sephora.

I have been watching the Kohl’s closest to me going through renovations for some time now as they added Sephora to the store.

I was not certain how this was going to work, but this past weekend I stopped in to check it out.

Here is my review of Kohl’s + Sephora.


Kohl's + Sephora

I have not been much of a Sephora shopper, but with this convenience, I will become one.

There is a location in town where the associates know my 30-year-old son by name!  He loves Sephora!

As I watched the store begin to transform, I was not certain how it would work with the limited space they have.

Kohl's + Sephora

But, you know what?  I was wrong…this addition helps the store so much.

They were forced to clean up and organize better and it works!  Kohl’s + Sephora are a perfect match.

The entire store looks better….and it takes the Kohl’s brand up a notch in my opinion.

Kohl's + Sephora

I really like the fact that Kohl’s + Sephora carries brands we traditionally have to drive to a mall to find.

Estee Lauder, Lancome, and Laura Mercier are some of the top brands I saw there.

Kohl's + Sephora

I also think gift shopping just got a little easier.  

I like the fact that I can apply my Kohl’s discounts to these purchases now. 

Also, I can order online and save shipping by picking them up inside the store.


Kohl's + Sephora

As I said, I believe this makeover has been beneficial.

The clothes are no longer jammed together and displayed now in a way to see colors and styles.

Of course, the sale area is a bit jammed, but I did not spend much time there on this trip.

I liked this LC Lauren Conrad Eyelet Flutter Sleeve Top in Pinery….it is a lovely green.

Green is going to be a big color to transition from summer to fall.  Pantone has three greens in their Fall 2022 fashion trend colors.

Here they are….

Kohl's + Sephora

Kohl's + Sephora

Kohl's + Sephora

So, watch for more greens as we get into dressing room visits.

Kohl's + Sephora

Now, that I am losing a little weight…I am open to shopping for some athletic wear…what I currently wear is pretty raggedy.

I have always liked the Champion brand...because I love the idea of everyone being a champion!

My only criticism here is that I cannot find these on their website in order to provide links….oh well….

My favorite leggings that I tried on this day were the FLX ankle leggings.…I came home and ordered them in the Plum Pie color.

These leggings feel amazing….much more comfortable and fit better that the ones I am wearing above.

Also, they offer more color options. 

Overall, this was a very successful trip to Kohl’s + Sephora.  I am impressed with the store and believe I will visit it more often now.

That’s my review of Kohl’s + Sephora and I am sticking to it!

Here are a few more items you may want to know about…..remember, to click through on a picture to go to the website for more….

Thanks for joining me today…how many Sephora fans are out there and have you shopped it at Kohl’s??  Let us know….I hope to see you tomorrow for Budget Saving Tuesday!!


By Pamela Lutrell

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