Budget saving tips for grandparents

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Budget saving tips for grandparents

Happy Tuesday!  Today is Budget Saving Tuesday, and I am discussing budget saving tips for grandparents.

I know there are many grandparents in this audience, so since this is fresh on my mind, I wanted to offer up a few budget saving tips and ideas!

My three grandsons who live out-of-town came to visit for the whole week last week….we call it Summer Camp at Gigi and Papa Joe’s.

It seems with each visit I learn more about being a Gigi….and now very much on a budget!


Budget Saving Tips for grandparents

BUDGET SAVING TIP #1 FOR GRANDPARENTSFirst and foremost, remember it is not about the places you go or gifts you provide, it is about the “time spent.”

We actually were hindered by the excessive heat (32 days in the triple digits) so our time outdoors was limited anyway.

I took this photo while watching Paw Patrol with our four-year-old.  He reached over and took my hand….time spent that day was invaluable.

All three of them said they wanted more time at the house than going to the big theme parks…which have become very, very expensive.

Budget Saving tips on a budget

BUDGET SAVING TIP #2 FOR GRANDPARENTS: Even in the uneventful moments, look for opportunities to teach and build their knowledge and character.

Since they were here over July 4, I used it as an opportunity to teach a little history.

Together, we made a dessert to take to the cousins’ backyard.

We made ice cream sandwiches and rolled them in red, white and blue sprinkles.

While we rolled, I taught them about the colors…what they meant and why they were selected.

Our nine-year-old is a major football fan, so later in the week we watched three old football movies which taught exceptional character lessons.

After each movie, I asked questions and explained some of the actions in the movies.

NONE of these costs one penny….but again, are invaluable.

Budget saving tips for grandpartenting

BUDGET SAVING TIP #3 FOR GRANDPARENTS:  Sometimes all you need are Dollar General, Big Lots, and Goodwill.

I think in our desire to do so much for them, we forget that the simplest items can matter the most.

Like this bug catcher from the dollar store….it has the holes for the bugs, and a magnifying glass to look closer at the. Perfect!

I picked up puzzles and games there for inside and outside.  One of the $1 puzzles had 60 pieces and featured the whole US with lessons on each state. 

The seven-year-old liked it so much that he took it home….I want to stop by and pick up a few more of the puzzles now that I know they are study quality and fun to do.

These would be great stocking stuffers too.

The week before they arrived, I stopped at Goodwill SA for a few toys, books and extra tee shirts.  All were successful finds….including a new Paw Patrol Look & Find book…that went back as well.

One of these tee shirts sent the message NO BAD DAYS….loved the positivity and we talked about it.

These items meant as much to these little boys as paying more for items at a larger store would have.

Budget Saving tips for grandpartents

BUDGET SAVING TIP #4 FOR GRANDPARENTS: Sometimes the most fun is in your own backyard

As I said, they were not interested in going to the theme parks, but they did want to paint rocks!!

We have enjoyed this before.  I used a coupon from my email at Michael’s to purchase a box of paint and good brushes.

This time when we painted, I taught them how to mix colors to make other colors.  This was new for them.  Our oldest was so excited to splash pink onto his rock with white and orange after we mixed it.

Look for those lessons around every corner.

I put some of their rocks in our backyard and I have three in my office.  There is one little one on my desk that says BE HAPPY.

Budget Saving Tips for Grandparents

BUDGET SAVING TIP #5 FOR GRANDPARENTS:  Buy the food they like and forget trying to change it to what you like

In the past, I have wasted money purchasing foods with a desire to change their likes and dislikes.

I can remember buying all the ingredients to make homemade Macaroni & Cheese…then they did not eat it.  The blue box is the go to macaroni.

This time I just purchased what they said they wanted to eat….which included great quantities of fruit….and they ate every bit of what I bought.

BTW:  That is my youngest son with the boys here.  We went downtown to swim at his pool with the condominium complex where he lives.  They adore him.

Budget Saving tips for grandparents

This is the first time I have done the “summer camp” that I did not regret money spent.

I believe we got more bang for our bucks this time….and they had fun…no whining at all.

In fact, not a one, uttered those chilling words…”I’m bored”

I realize these are tips for grandparents with younger children, but if you have some budget saving tips you would like to share, please do!  I for one would love to hear them.

Thank you for joining me for Budget Saving Tips for Grandparents today….tomorrow I will be here with the news!  I hope to see you then…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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