Celebrate July!

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Celebrate July

Happy July 1!  It is time to Celebrate July here on this blog and all that it brings!

July is one of my favorite months for so many reasons and that is why I always begin to celebrate July on the first day of the month.

Today, I will give you just a brief overview and I also need your opinions on something.


Celebrate July!

Over 50 Feeling 40 was first published on July 1 twelve years ago.

Over 12 years, you have seen me and the blog go through many changes…it has been such a blessing to be here and get to know so many amazing women all over the world.

I have only been blogging full time for the past two years.  I wish I had been courageous enough to take the plunge earlier, but COVID restrictions did it for me.

When looking ahead with the blog, I always welcome your ideas and thoughts…what do you like, what would you do different?

Celebrate July

I want to continue making videos, but I confess to you, I am stumped.

I never get stumped writing new content for a daily blog, but for some reason, I am stumped on what you would like to see me discuss in videos.

I am not a fashion expert….I am a communicator who has written about fashion for 12 years. 

There are so many little videos with fashion hacks (how to tie a scarf…how to wear a shirt…how to look younger), that I am honestly frozen on how I could make this any different.

So, I WELCOME ALL IDEAS for new videos…what would you like to see me talk about…or cover??  Please let me know.


Celebrate July

It’s July 4th weekend and time in America to celebrate this great country we live in.

I have chosen to celebrate July today in Chico’s Zenergy…old and new.

I love it when my older wardrobe mixes so well with a newer purchase that it appears to have been bought together and the same time.

Celebrate July

I have owned this Chico’s Zenergy Jacket in navy for several years.

The pants joined the closet crew over the past few months and they look great in one outfit.

You can see the silver zippers and the navy color and how well they coordinate.

Comfy style…the top is an older Macy’s top that I added for my touch of patriotic red!

The shoes are old Grasshopper slip-ons from Rack Room Shoes.  I could go out boating in this outfit!  Super comfy, lightweight and ready for a celebration!

Here are some similar styles:

July is one of my favorite months to shop clearance sales…I will keep you informed…so many treasures await!


Celebrate July

Recently I shared a pasta recipe with this delicious spice from Adams Reserve..White Wine and Garlic Butter.

I just had to share going into a weekend where you might be cooking, that it is excellent on cooked spinach!  A new favorite at my house!

I know it is pricey…but this spice bottle will be used until every drop is gone!  It is that good.


Celebrate July

This past week, we have also celebrated lower temps (no triple digits for a few days) and glorious rain!!

Though I feel bad for Leigh Ann…during one really loud storm with lots of lightening, she lost power for over 48 hours….and that is a major bummer down here.

The heat is returning to the levels it was…but I loved hearing the thunder and seeing the rain!.

Celebrate July!

I tried to run out in the rain to jump in the puddles, but by the time the morning sun rose, the puddles were for the most part gone.

Celebrate July

I got my feet wet enough that I am going to check this box on the Summer to Flourish list from The Magnolia Journal.

Next week’s goal is to run through a sprinkler with grandchildren!!


Celebrate July

Finally, we are celebrating contest winners here on this first day of July!

Thanks to World Finds for sponsoring this contest!

The winners are:

  1. From the blog, winner of the necklace is MP3 (would love to know your name!)
  2. From Instagram, the winner of the sling bag is Janet Hug
  3. From Facebook, the winner of the silk bandana is Carol Vonderhaar Bryce

Congratulations to all of our winners!  You will hear from Kristan who will arrange to send your pieces!  I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoy their work.

Thank you for joining me today for Celebrate July!  I will be celebrating all month and find many reasons to share it with you…would love your thoughts on the videos…you are the best!


By Pamela Lutrell

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Now…let’s make this statement a goal in July……

Celebrate July

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