Fashion, intrigue and strong women

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Fashion, intrigue and strong women

Happy Budget Saving Tuesday!  Where…YES!… I will discuss fashion, intrigue and strong women.

 Just stick with me on this one!

Inflation and pandemic business shut-downs have driven the prices of entertainment sky high.

When time to renew our theater seats, I was shocked at the cost.

With so many productions taking liberties with the traditional theater presentations, I said to Mr. B…this is not worth it.

Of course, the movie theaters have also increased ticket sales dramatically.

My favorite entertainment includes touches of fabulous fashion, intrigue and strong women.


Fashion, intrigue and strong women

Up until this past spring, I had never binge watched television.

While working a professional job and blogging for the past eleven years, I was just too busy.

I did not understand when Mr. B and my sons would binge watch a series called “24,” or “How I Met My Mother.”

Usually, I would walk by, shake my head and go to bed.

However, this year, I have binge watched two series and been captivated…so now I get it.

Really, binge watching is the same as getting caught up in a great book and reading it through the night!

Note: I will explain the hat picture in a moment!


Fashion, intrigue and strong women


My hair stylist was the one who introduced me to Velvet (2013-2016) and Velvet Coleccion (2017-2019).

This is a television series produced in Spain complete with sub-titles and it is excellent.

It’s a love story between a woman who begins as a humble seamstress at a high fashion clothing store in Madrid and the son of the store owner.  They grow up in the store together.

Velvet is the name of the store which is described as the most glamorous women’s clothing store in the 1950’s.  Similar to a Saks Fifth Avenue.

Fashion, intrigue and strong women

The seamstress, Anna, works hard and eventually becomes a top clothing designer with her own line.  The stories follow the store employees and the wealthy family members as the two love birds struggle and make sacrifices to keep the store afloat.

If you love fashion as I do, you will love this show and classic, vintage styles it showcases.

It is for those of us who appreciate the art and design in fashion history.  And when it takes us to the 60s, I immediately experienced memories ….including those white go-go boots.

The story is so well written that you want to stick with it and find out what eventually happens.  The characters are likable and the villains are deplorable.  Some of the sex scenes were a little too much for me, but watching at home…you can fast forward.  It moved quickly and rarely dragged.

Fashion, intrigue and strong women

I also loved that the finale was at Christmastime.  A perfect way to bring this saga to a close.

Both of the Velvet series are on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

My only consequence of binge watching was I began to dream in Spanish and say HOLA to everyone…no one in San Antonio really noticed though! Ha!


Fashion, intrigue and strong women

Velvet was such an enjoyable experience that I began to look for another one.

Then I saw an advertisement for the new Downton Abbey: A New Era movie and thought…I need to watch the series.

I am certain some of you will be appalled when I say that I had never seen Downton Abbey.

But, Immediately, I was attracted to the fashion, intrigue and strong women of the script.

Fashion, intrigue and strong women

To date, I have watched all of it except for the movie released this summer.

Honestly, there were times it moved a little slow, but the fashions kept me in the game.

Also, the deaths of Sybil and Michael were so ghastly that I had to make myself keep going. 

I do not like ghastly or violent or scary!

But, I hung in there and am glad I did.   You can find it all on Amazon Prime…it recently left Netflix. 

Fashion, intrigue and strong women

I loved watching the fashion…especially on Cora and Edith who most often wore designs in the autumn palettes. 

Here is a Town & Country slideshow you might enjoy about the costumes: Best Costumes in Downtown Abbey.

While I preferred the script writing in Velvet, it was Downtown Abbey that affected me with fashion inspiration applicable to my modern-day wardrobe.

I was reminded of my enjoyment for:

  1. Long Lean styling with long necklaces
  2. Rich print fabrics complemented by beautiful jewel-toned solids
  3. Fabulous toppers of all types over dresses
  4. The elegance of good posture and manners.

Oh yes, and I have enjoyed trying on hats like you see in today’s post.  It is fun to just play! 

Here are a couple of recommended cookbooks…I am certain tested by Mrs. Patmore!

Fashion, Intrigue and strong women

The Official Downton Abbey Christmas Cookbook

The Official Downton Abbey Afternoon Tea Cookbook

In both series, the women are strong and persevere through difficulties …that is always inspiring.  Personally, I believe the strongest women depicted in both series are the store employees & seamstresses and the staff of the Downton house.  But, I agree the Crawley women are exceptionally strong in character and deed.

At the moment, I am not binge watching anything.  I was so pleased to attend the movie I spoke of in the birthday post because it is also about fashion, intrigue and strong women.

It may be difficult to find something to follow up on these with the same theme and quality.  Anyone have a suggestion?

My desire was to show you that it is possible to find some good entertainment without leaving the house and be pleasing to your budget.

I have not given up reading and just refreshed a reading area of my front room, but it was fun to binge watch these two and see the fabulous fashion designs.

Thanks for being here…I will return tomorrow with lifestyle headlines just for you!


By Pamela Lutrell

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Fashion, intrigue and strong women

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