Here’s How You Can Get the Scorpion King Hoodie from Nope

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MOVIE AND television merch is fun, especially when it’s stylish. Whether it’s dressing as a specific character (like Steve Harrington in Stranger Things), or dressing with the overall aesthetic of a film or show (like the rugged western-wear of Yellowstone), you can incorporate these fashion-forward pieces into your everyday wardrobe without looking like you’re on the way to Comic Con. And if you want to know the best part about wearing movie and TV merch, it’s getting the subtle IFKYK nods from the true viewers you encounter on the street. Call it the ultimate fan flex!

Recently, we found a piece of time-relevant film merch we had to check out. We’re talking about the signature orange Scorpion King hoodie that Daniel Kaluuya’s character, OJ, wears in Jordan Peele’s latest film, Nope. Even if you have yet to see the film, the hoodie is impossible to miss. It’s been spotted throughout the movie’s promotional footage on OJ, drawing in the viewers eye as he rides his horse under the hot dessert sun.

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The Scorpion King Crew Hoodie



In case you have seen the movie and don’t remember how the sweatshirt fits into the larger narrative, it’s a pretty simple recall: The Scorpion King—the 2002 spinoff of The Mummy franchise that served as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘s first lead role—was mentioned in the movie as the first movie set that OJ’s father, Otis Sr. (Keith David) brought him to as a kid. As you’ll remember, Otis Sr., OJ, and Em (Keke Palmer) all work for their family business, Haywood Hollywood Horses, training horses for use in film, television, and commercial productions.

To clarify the nature of this hoodie, it is not official merch from NOPE. It’s a piece of fan-made merch from a seller on Etsy, named deetsbydrj. But even though it’s not official, we can clearly spot a solid piece of fan-made gear when we see it. It’s possible NOPE rolls out some official film merch here in the near future, but right now you can get this Scorpion King hoodie hot off the press.

There’s also relevancy here to consider, as we can guarantee you’ll be getting the highest amount of compliments now, while the film is still fresh in theaters. So to all of the Jordan Peele enthusiasts, grab this hoodie before stock runs out!


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