Life Update – What I Wore and I’m Shopping For

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My job has me in more stores than most women, which gives me a unique perspective and, quite often, fashion overload. When I see too much sameness, over and over, it feels frustrating and sometimes annoying. Part of that can be the section or store I’m in. But the ones that seem to stand out most are the styles I’m not fond of. Have you noticed that?

woman wearing blue sweater and paige jeans

On Sunday, I spent some time in the denim section of my favorite department store and was shocked at the sheer volume of frayed, faded, distressed, and downright, destroyed denim offerings. I know many women wear and love the look which they feel confident in. But unfortunately, it’s not something I wear so I felt overloaded and like a fish out of water. Had it been a fashion I do like to wear, I might have also felt overwhelmed but in a positive way.

If I was presented with rack after rack of this sweater in myriad of colors and subtle style differences, I’d be overloaded, satisfied and gradually bored. Anywho…I moved on to the shoe department which had it’s own challenges.

My life update is that I’m up in Vancouver for a quick visit with Vanessa. I’ll be doing a little Pug sitting of her fragile little dog who has some aging health challenges. I hope to hit more Canadian stores while here and will also get to shop the Canadian Nsale, which I’m excited to see. The offerings are usually quite different.

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In other news, I’m an Amazon Prime member and Prime Days are here. I don’t usually buy too much during this sale because I do enough damage without the incentive :). However… I will be stocking up on some of my favorite beauty deals which are seriously marked down today.

My new eye doctor tells me it’s ok to go back to using this Grandlash so I’m all in because this stuff is amazing!! My lashes got so long they hit the lenses of my sunglasses!
I ordered 3 of these Revitabrow because it grew back all my brows and 30% off is nothing to snooze on.
This WOW spray is really amazing. It’s the only one I use because it’s not oily, greasy, and doesn’t weigh down my hair…just makes it sparkle!
People are so obsessed with this Lip Sleeping Mask, I decided I’d give it a try.
This Apple watch is $120 off. I wasn’t in the market for a watch, don’t need a watch, but everyone I know who has one loves it so it’s in my cart and I’m thinking about it.

I am off for a walk around the Sea Wall to soak up some fresh air.

Make it a good one ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident, no matter what other people say or do. If you love distressed jeans, rock them with a smile!


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