On the second day of our visit to Grasse

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On the second day of our visit to Grasse

On the second day of our visit to Grasse we got up early to visit The Bastide Molinard. The building was once the site of distillation, production and assembly of all the Molinard perfumes. The Bastide Molinard has now become a museum and bears witness to the industrial heritage and know-how of the Maison. We took a guided tour of the factory to learn exactly how perfume is made. The quantity of raw material that is needed to make perfume is enormous and the amount of processes it needs to go through is extensive. No wonder the end product is expensive.

During the tour we were given different perfumes sprayed onto sample sticks to test. We learnt about the importance of the base, middle and top notes. The top note is the first fragrance that you smell when you try a perfume, the middle note is the one that develops during the day and the base note is the longest lasting. The perfumes with amber or musk as a base note tend to be the ones that last the longest. The only problem with visiting a perfume factory is the fact that if you want to choose one to buy for yourself it can be a bit overwhelming.

I finally chose a roll-on Eau de perfume “Rose Turkya” from Molinard.

If we had had more time I would have booked a session in which you can create your own perfume. Accompanied by an expert you can discover the architecture of a perfume, the ingredients that make it up, that match and complement each other. Thus allowing you to create your own combination.

On the second day of our visit to Grasse

Molinard Collection Prive perfumes

These were the best perfumes that I tested. My favourite was “Rose Emois”. It was absolutely divine.

If you missed the first day of our tour you can catch up with it here.

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