Our charming Chambre d’hôte in Grasse

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Our charming Chambre d’hôte in Grasse

Our charming Chambre d’hôte in Grasse. We stayed at un palmier à sa fenêtre during our visit to Grasse. Our hosts Sonia and Christophe gave us a very warm welcome on our arrival.

I was so very impressed with the exquisite design of our small apartment that I felt it deserved a post of its own. The furniture and objects d’art were a wonderful mixture of traditional French and modern. It was situated in an old house in the centre of the town, within reasonable walking distance up the hill to the main museums and the old cobbled streets.

French chest of drawers

When I entered the bedroom I was enchanted by this traditional french dresser. I guessed that the owners must have bought it at one of the local brocantes and probably refurbished and repainted it. The glass jars and mirror set it off to perfection.

French Decor

The sitting room was an eclectic mix of old and new. I was informed that the cushions had come from Designers Guild. I will definitely be copying some of the ideas when I finally find our new house.

Our charming Chambre d’hôte in Grasse:

Our charming Chambre d’hôte in Grasse

On the left is the outside space where we enjoyed our dinner and breakfast. On the right is a beautifully curated collection of artwork and objects d’art.

I hope you enjoyed this short tour of our charming Chambre d’hôte in Grasse. If you get to visit Grasse I would highly recommend staying here.

Linen outfit and parasol in Grasse

Me on the ramparts of Grasse overlooking the valley. It was extremely hot that day and I am beginning to look a little wilted. My parasol really helped to shade me from the midday sun.

Parasols in the streets of Grasse

Not sure if the parasols in the main street in the old town were to shade pedestrians from the sun or simply as decoration. Whichever they were great fun.

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