Tips To Help You Look Taller and Slimmer

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I want to look shorter and wider said no woman ever. At 5’4″ I like to use proportion and shape in my outfits to help me look taller because that also helps make me look slimmer. Today I’m sharing some tricks that a petite woman can use to help her look taller and slimmer.

Wear heels

Any heel, even a slight elevation will help elongate your look which makes your legs appear longer. My feet rebel in heels so I opt for low, comfy heels or wedges and platforms which are plentiful this year.

blonde woman walking toward camera wearing column of color and platform shoes

Some of my favorite comfy heels, wedges, and platforms are made by Gentle Souls, Clarks, Eileen Fisher, and Beautifeel.

Buy what fits your frame

Oversized and baggy clothes often overwhelm petite women so she looks shorter than she is. Instead, pair a loose bottom with a slim or fitted top, and vice versa so some of your figure shows.

Opt for high-waisted jeans and high-rise pants

High waist jeans and high rise pants create a vertical line that helps you look taller. If the pant leg is full, or boot-cut, hem them to cover your shoe but not drag on the ground. Pants that are too long will look overwhelming and you’ll appear shorter than you are. Tuck or half-tuck the front of your shirt for the longest look possible. Avoid cropped or capri pants which chop your leg visually and make them look shorter. Cuffs are never your friend in pants so avoid them at all costs.


Wear a column of color

There’s no question that wearing a single color head to toe, or shoulder to ankle, will make you look taller. The unbroken visual line allows the eye to travel top to bottom without a break and that elongates you visually. Low contrast, tonal and monochromatic outfits with similar shades can have the same effect.

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woman wearing fresh green caftan and column of color to look taller

Try not to break this line with a contrasting thin belt that slams the eye to a halt midway and draws attention to your waist. You should also avoid wide belts for the same reason.


Carry a smaller handbag. Petite women are overwhelmed by large totes and handbags. Scale your purse to your size and height. Also, avoid having your bag hit the widest part of your body which creates a horizontal line that makes you look wider.


A nude shoe lengthens the look of your legs helping you to appear taller. A dark shoe with dark pants or tights has the same effect so match your pants and shoes for the longest look. Ankle straps and gladiator sandals shorten the look of your leg. If you like the secure feeling of shoes or sandals that buckle at your ankle, be sure they are a nude shoe that matches your skin tone. Pointed-toe shoes create even more visual length for your leg.


V-necklines draw the eye vertically and give the illusion of a longer torso which makes you look taller. Crew and boat necklines are flattering for narrow shoulders but they do create a horizontal line that moves the eye sideways which impacts the vertical line you’re trying to create.


Scarves and necklaces

Long necklaces and scarves draw the eye up and down. Necklaces that fit inside the neckline of your top can shorten your look so play with proportions and check in the mirror.

Long outerwear

Duster-length cardigans elongate your silhouette. Choose ones in finer fabrics and avoid bulky fabric with large patch pockets or distracting buttons. Longer blazers and jackets will also create the illusion of length.


Skip large-scale patterns which will overwhelm you. Opt for solids or smaller patterns in proportion with your size. Vertical stripes, princess seams, and pleats draw the eye up and down which creates the illusion of height.


A wide, puff, or statement sleeve reduces the streamlined effect you’re going for. Slimmer sleeves have a more streamlined look. The 3/4 sleeve will also help you look taller so the simple act of folding or pushing up your sleeves helps you appear taller by showing some extra skin.

Find a Tailor

Few clothes come right off the rack fitting us perfectly so find a good tailor in your area. Clothes that are altered to fit you perfectly will instantly make you look taller.

If I followed all of my above advice, I still wouldn’t look 6″ tall but I would look my tallest which helps us look slimmer.

What tricks do you use to look taller?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


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