Top Ten Posts in July, 2022 #ICYMI

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At 53 1/2 Cate was still menstruating and her post about it is always on our top ten list. This month it’s #1!

Keeping fit while healing from hysterectomy, by Marjorie.

Catherine goes on a yoga retreat and still can’t do hero pose, despite everyone’s best efforts

Crap on the run by Nicole

Through A Different Lens: Seeing My Power Now by Christine


Women who care most about their looks have the toughest time aging by Sam, from 2014

Crotch shots and up-skirts, Sam’s post from years ago with the words in the title that keep search engines happy

Gracilis cramps: A new bad thing–yikes!!! by Sam

“Girls say they hate their vaginas.” WTF? by Tracy

Sam has thoughts about shorts

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