Trucker Jacket And Chanel Flats, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:27am

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While I don’t care much for the term, “date night,” I’m quite fond of the phenomena itself and am therefore prepared to Move On from High WASP disdain. Which is a good approach to life in general. Anyway.

We went out to dinner last weekend.

I wore a black Madewell denim jacket (cuffs folded back because a little wrist action makes a fab accessory), a white ribbed UNIQLO tee, cropped Eileen Fisher lantern pants, cap-toe Chanel ballerina flats, and the Loewe Flamenco bag. All from years past, except the bag. (Yes, both those pairs of hiking boots in the background are mine. If you see me taking a walk in my neighborhood I will be wearing one or the other because I rotate, for the sake of my Achilles. I look ridiculous, in the suburbs, but I get a kick out of not caring unless I want to after decades of caring All The Time.)

The point of posting my date night outfit, other than we all need a break from news now and then, is mixing neutrals and the requisite attention to details. These pants are a pinkish beige, the shoes verge on yellow. As I myself straddle the border between warm and cool tones–as long as they are subdued, smoky, etc.– to render the Clash of the Beiges intentional here I wore them with black, white, and the green bag which is on the border of warm and cool tones and decidedly smoky vs. bright. Avec black trim as per the shoes. Bright or primary colors would have been disastrous with two tones of beige. A horror, I tell you.


Yes, I might have ironed the pants but I did not. I hate ironing. Might also shorten that bag strap. As proof of my glee at the prospect of dinner outside, however, on a summer’s night, with my husband, here’s a closeup.

(At a guess I was wearing platinum beaded drop earrings, for cool tones next to my face. Similar. I’m allergic to silver. Some parts of one’s heritage can be left on the roadside, some cannot.)

Have a wonderful weekend.

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