Watch a Doctor Debunk the Internet’s ‘Worst Medical Takes’

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On its good days, Twitter can be a great place to connect with people, hear different people’s perspectives, share in live experiences, and of course, find great memes. But on its worst days it can be a chaotic space full of bad faith arguments and unhinged opinions stated as facts. Dr. Mike Varshavski, aka Doctor Mike, has spent the last few years debunking medical misinformation, helping people make better-informed decisions about their own healthcare during the Covid pandemic and beyond.

In a new video on his YouTube channel, Doctor Mike rounds up some of the absolute worst medical hot takes from Twitter and TikTok and sets the record straight, starting with this gem: “If you were almost healthy you’d like how your pee tastes… If you were actually healthy you wouldn’t be peeing at all.” Firstly, Mike expresses curiosity as to what “almost healthy” might mean, before clarifying that if you are not urinating at all, there is definitely a problem, such as dehydration or even kidney failure.

Elsewhere on Twitter, somebody made the claim that running is actually bad for you, describing it as a “catabolic” and “destructive” activity and saying that it shouldn’t even be regarded as a form of exercise. “No,” says Mike. “Just, no.”

Another Twitter user stated with confidence that acne “should not be normalized” as it is an indicator of poor diet and lifestyle, which is factually incorrect. “A huge percentage of acne has nothing to do with lifestyle habits,” says Mike. “It has a lot to do with genetic factors, hormonal factors, things essentially out of your control.”

Then there’s Twitter troll extraordinaire Elon Musk, who asserted that Adderall should be avoided as it is amplifies anger. “I hate statements like this,” says Mike. “Imagine you’re a child, who truly needs and benefits from Adderall, and you’re now afraid to take it because of Elon Musk.”

Over on TikTok, there is a theory going around that if you have anaemia, your jewelry will leave dark marks on your skin. “You’re anaemic if you have low haemoglobin,” he says. “Not if your jewelry is cheap.”

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