Who Needs An Eye Lift When You’ve Got Cool Glasses?

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Pregnancy and contact lenses didn’t mesh well for me. Nor did motherhood and contacts. So in my 30s I segued away from dry eye torture and gave in to wearing glasses all the time. I had a couple of pairs but nothing especially notable. Attractive-yes. Statement piece-no. Then a few years ago we moved to a little shore town in Connecticut about twenty minutes from Mystic. And that’s when I discovered the Eyeglass Lass.

Siobhan is a one-woman show. In her thirties I’d say, tattooed from head to toe, she is a doyenne of all things eyeglasses. From the first time I walked into her (tiny) store I was entranced with her one-of-a-kind collections of funky designer frames, many of them European. Cat eyes and square rims, big round ones a la Iris Apfel and tiny pince nez that perch on the edge of your nose. Oh and the colors: lime green and turquoise. Do you want to match that hot pink jumpsuit?-she’s got ‘em. I love your glasses/where did you get them? is a question I’ve become used to. Eyeglass Lass in Mystic… and those in the know nod in solidarity. We aficionados are a bit of a cult.

Now let me say that I am a woman who’s pretty confident in her style  choices in clothing, shoes, haircuts. I do not often ask for others’ opinions.. I know what works for me.  So it does not take me long to cull down and decide on my next eyeglass purchase- yes/no comes easy to me. Siobhan knows this about me and respects that but she is excellent at advising the more trepidatious shopper. When friends visit we might do the Lyman Allen or Florence Griswold Museum,  lunch, but then a visit to the Eyeglass Lass is usually a must. She is not astronomically expensive and is definitely no eyeglass snob, which I’ve found some high end proprietors can be. Instead one of her four rescue dogs may greet you politely at the door. She is also an optician so is an expert on fit and measurement.

During the pandemic when no one went anywhere my shoe obsession was severely curtailed. Zoom made me more conscious of my appearance from the neck up so glasses replaced footwear. And how do you like this?.. The right glasses can obscure droopy eyelids, puffy undereyes and Botox-less eye wrinkles (which is not to suggest I’ve given up the ‘tox.) Where I once was saddened that I had to wear glasses all the time, I now consider it a bonus.

So without further ado, I’ll give you a sampling of a few of my purchases over the past few years. (Given that I’m a writer I tend to name them.)

Liz in the Wild

Liz in the Wild aka Chutzpah

Sexy Librarian

Sexy Librarian

Pinky Pie

Pinky Pie



Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors

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