Women and their best friends

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women and their best friends

Happy Friday!  It has been an amazing birthday week, and I am excited to end the week in celebration of women and their best friends!

Leigh Ann has become a best friend and partner on this blog…she took me out for a birthday celebration on Monday.

women and their best friends

Then my BFF, Gail, came into town and we went out for my birthday on Tuesday.

Most women and their best friends are like great novels….they know each other’s past chapters really well and an evening with them is like picking up the book and continuing the read.

Gail is like that for me…I miss our daily conversations and cannot soak up enough when she comes in for a visit.

We get far too distracted when we are talking.

Years ago, we were going into a restaurants and talking.  I did not see a tree root and pushed up a section of sidewalk…tripped on it and fell bad enough to break a rib.

This week, we were leaving a restaurant and talking on, and Gail tripped and feel down.  Fortunately, she appears to be fine.

Like I said, the conversation is great!


Women and their best friends

Meet Jan Pierce.  She is a retired teacher and a writer. She writes for regional parenting magazines and for Jan lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband of 55 years and is a mother and grandmother.

Jan has written a fun book dedicated to women and their best friend called The Exploits of Edna & Gertie.

Women and their best friends

Here is what Jan wrote for you….

Time to Laugh with Edna and Gertie

 What did we love about Lucy and Ethel back in the day? Why do we embrace the Golden Girls in all their escapades? Why do we laugh out loud at Janet Evanovich’s Grandma Mazur?

Their antics made us laugh. There are countless quotations about the benefits of laughter and they’re all true—laughter lifts our spirits and chases away our troubles.

From The Exploits of Edna and Gertie: “Hot dang, the whole trip, free to seniors. What’s not to like? Trust me, you won’t miss your Hallmark movies. “We’re going to Vegas, Baby.”

And just like that Edna drags Gertie on another adventure.

Edna and Gertie are two “women of a certain age,” who have been long-time friends. Edna is brash and over-the-top, cruising ahead in life with little concern for minor catastrophes, while Gertie is reserved, a bit shy and always on guard when Edna has a new plan.

The girls go from one misadventure to another, Edna aiming to “stay in the game” and Gertie putting on the brakes to protect her sanity. Edna loves rock and roll; Gertie enjoys the symphony. Edna likes the Friday night dances at the Elks Club while Gertie enjoys her garden club meetings.

But as different as the girls may be, they have a friendship that goes back decades. Edna was the brave champion who kept Gertie from being bullied by mean girls back in their high school days, and Gertie has never forgotten that kindness. While they may disagree on nearly every aspect of life, they rely on one another and have a rock-solid friendship.

Edna has had two marriages: the first a nice, long steady one to Fred, and the second a disaster in which Sam left her for a young, blonde floozy. “He left me like yesterday’s leftovers.” Edna hasn’t fully recovered from that nasty surprise. And Gertie had her steady, boring Donald for over forty years, but he’s recently passed away. Edna is determined to add some pizzazz to Gertie’s dull, ordinary life.

I met Edna and Gertie at a writer’s conference in Oregon. The workshop prompt asked me to create two characters who meet for the first time. And, wonder of wonders, out jumped Edna and Gertie. They practically authored their own stories at first and now, after spending quite a lot of time with them, I know most of their ins and outs. I think you’ll enjoy getting to know them, too.

And they remind all of us about the importance of solid friendships in our latter years. We need people we can trust with our truths, our disappointments and our joys. We need to share our thoughts, hopes, dreams and fears, while being available to listen to the other person’s stories as well.

In The Exploits of Edna and Gertie the girls “Do Vegas,” go on a Senior’s Cruise to Nowhere, and finally, visit a Dude Ranch where some unlikely events take place. Who knows where they may travel in the future?

Jan is the author of Homegrown Readers and Homegrown Family Fun. 

Click these links to go to Amazon

Women and their best friends are powerful relationships and it is fun to think about the possibilities for fun.

Would anyone like to share any of your exploits with a best friend?  We would love to hear…..

It’s been a great week…thank you for being here…tomorrow is Would You Wear It and the winner of the Summer Box Giveaway will be announced.  


By Pamela Lutrell

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