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Whether you call them batwings, jiggly arms, or you remind yourself not to “wave like that,” our arms will eventually be a problem for most of us. It’s fine to strengthen your triceps, but just so you know, those batwings won’t go away. But you say you know someone who did 200 dips a day, and their batwings went away? Okay, then have at it, but for every one of those people, I can tell you about 25 who injured their rotator cuffs and triceps tendons doing the same dips. Instead, let’s think about exercising for the purpose of maintaining our strength, not to fill up sagging flesh with bulging muscles. 

Because that doesn’t work.

Even if you develop some big GUNS working out, they’re going to sag, because the collagen in our arms simply will not tuck that big muscle up against our humerus bone. And if you’re skinny as hell, you’ll have a little less hanging flesh, but if you have any meat on the bone, it’s gonna sag. 

Take football’s hunky, Arizona Cardinal’s safety, Chris Banjo. Does he have some guns or what? But what else do you see? Batwings! That’s from gravity! The aging process doesn’t like gravity on our face, or our arms. They’re going to be there no matter what, so quit overworking them with heavy weights and lots of repetition. Light weights will suffice. 

Or, cover them up. 

Quit waving at people like a little girl. 

Quit caring. Chris Banjo doesn’t.

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