You Can Get Eddie Munson’s Guitar From Stranger Things Right Now

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The Stranger Things Season 4 finale brought love, loss, and a handful of notable music moments the Internet can’t get enough of. Easily the darkest season yet, the newest Stranger Things went beyond the town of Hawkins, traveling to California, and even as far as Russia, where Hopper found himself trapped after his near-death experience in Season 3.

But one of the standout roles this season was simply a charming high school student back in the small town of Hawkins: Eddie Munson. We first meet Eddie (played by actor Joseph Quinn) as the gang’s charismatic and boisterous Dungeon Master, but he quickly becomes a central character in the show’s overall arc. Poor Eddie watches Hawkins’ star cheerleader (and girlfriend to Jason, the captain of the basketball team) Chrissy get taken by the show’s ultimate villain Vecna, and is falsely accused of murdering her.

Of course, Eddie’s friends (and Hellfire Club deciphles) Dustin, Lucas, and the other kids know the truth and help him hide out while the rest of the town searches for him. Along the way, the group learns more about Vecna and makes a risky plan to kill Vecna and save the town. How does Eddie help, you ask? With an epic guitar solo of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” to distract some of Vecna’s monsters.

eddie munson stranger things guitar replica


Considering Stranger Things is known for its fun ’80s-inspired collaborations with name brands, it makes sense the show would also offer fans a chance to feel like Eddie and make the Most Metal Concert in the Upside Down ever. So where can you get a cool guitar like Eddie’s? Scroll down to find out.

Where can you get Eddie Munson’s guitar in Stranger Things?

**Pre-Order** Stranger Things

B.C. Rich


In a collaboration with B.C. Rich, Stranger Things created replicas of Eddie’s guitar from his epic guitar solo. The guitar is based on B.C. Rich’s Warlock N.J. Series. Eddie’s guitar is available at Guitar Center for anyone ready to rock out in ’80s sci-fi style. The limited-edition guitar features a mahogany body with a claw-like shape to live out your 80s hair band fantasy, plus on the back close to the neck is the small logo of the Hellfire Club from the show, along with the number of the guitar (out of 2000).

Anyone interested will have to shell out a decent sum; the guitar is priced at $899 (and is currently sold out on B.C Rich’s website, but backordered and available for reserve on Guitar Center’s website). But that’s the lower-priced option. Fans looking for an even more exact Stranger Things replica can also pre-order a version of Eddie’s guitar for a whopping $4,699.99.

But have no fear. If you’re not a guitar player, or want something at a smaller price point, B.C. Rich also offers a whimsically small mini replica only 10 inches in length for $39.99. Anyone who wants to display Eddie’s guitar on their desk, along with other fun Stranger Things merch, can order the mini replicas now.

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