Build your fall wardrobe with Jambu

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Build your fall wardrobe with Jambu

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Today, I would like to discuss how to build your fall wardrobe with Jambu.

Yes, I am doing some home building as well, but, also, I plan to be purposeful to build my fall wardrobe to include more style and comfort…especially in my footwear.

So, this was a perfect time to learn about a new brand called Jambu and I am so pleased to introduce you to them.

I am very impressed with their collection of high-quality footwear and you will see me wearing their shoes often this year!


Build your fall wardrobe with Jambu

In order to build your fall wardrobe with style, you will need beautiful casual footwear and Jambu brings it.

I am wearing their leather slip on called JULY.  (Perfect for me, don’t you think?)

This color is SADDLE.  I do believe the style is offered in other colors as well.

I plan to style these in many ways from pairing with jeans to casual dresses.

Versatility is a key component to a successful fall wardrobe.

Make sure you check out all of their beautiful styles at the website, JAMBU.


Build your fall wardrobe

As over 50 women, build your fall wardrobe with comfort in mind.

In other words, be kind to your feet!

I made a promise to this audience that I would let you know when I found exceptional comfort footwear.

Well, ladies, here it is at JAMBU.

Build your fall wardrobe

Build your fall wardrobe

Their strengths are:

  • Each shoe has relaxed three-layer foam insoles
  • JAMBU has been evaluated by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and has been awarded their Seal of Acceptance for promoting good foot health
  • It is available in wide widths
  • A large variety of their shoes are made with sustainable, eco-friendly materials

I also wanted you to see the padding in the heel area, and there are removable insoles.

For me, a padded heel has always been important.

These are exceptionally comfortable shoes and my funky feet are very happy walking in them.

In fact, if you suffer with diabetes, plantar fasciitis, bunions, toe/heel pain,midfoot arthritis,metatarsalgia,neuroma, or any foot issues, you will want to give this line careful consideration.


Build your fall wardrobe

The wonderful people at JAMBU want to offer this audience special savings for assistance to build your fall wardrobe.

So, for a limited time, use the code PAMJAMBU for 20% off a checkout.

I love having special savings offered just for you.

I feel confident in saying that I really think you will be impressed with this brand.

Each pair is beautifully packaged with the shoes wrapped individually in bags inside of the shoe box.  You will be able to well care for your new shoes.

Look over the website…tell me what you think…and ask any questions.

I am pleased to welcome JAMBU as a new supporter to this blog!

Fall arrives officially one month from tomorrow….let’s be ready and build your fall wardrobe with style and comfort in mind.



By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product to review for this post, but the words are my own.

Build your fall wardrobe

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