Daily Looks: Week Ending 8.19.22

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I have so much fun sharing my daily looks each week. It really keeps me on my toes to try to include a variety of clothing options and different colors.
My friend and I were having a discussion about how dresses seem to be the reader’s favorites. You’ll have to see if you feel the same way.

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Dress: No label-Horizon thrift~~Kimono: 2 scarves~~Sandals: Walking Cradles “Nella”

I decided to create my own kimono today. These two scarves are the same scarf but different colors that I bought from JCPenney’s years ago. I just put them side by side and “attached” them with my magnets in front and in back. Then slipped my head through the opening.

For the front one, I did reattach it by putting the magnet on the inside of the dress so it wouldn’t move around. AND VOILA!! A large silky, kimono.

I played around and figured you could wrap and tie the panels also, so it would be shorter in the front. It’s just a cool way to use those scarves in the summertime.
Or it’s a great trick to “hide” your dress if it seems tight or you spilled on it, haha!!

The sandals are the new construction from Walking Cradles that the three of us reviewed earlier this summer. This style is called “Nella” and they come in other colors too. I love how the gold is a great neutral and copies the gold of the magnet.


Shorts: Banana Republic~~Blazer: thrifted~~Top: J.Crew-thrifted~~Boots: Matisse-Goodwill

I didn’t wear this around the entire day, because I was in workout wear much of the day. But when we did get ready to go to the grocery store, this was my daily look.

I was inspired by my friend on Instagram when she wore her blazer and boots here. It’s still too warm for boots like this on a normal day, but the grocery store is cold!!

Everything is old yet I’ve never styled these things together before. In fact, this blazer was worn for New Year’s Eve 4 years ago.

As for the cowboy boots, I’ve explored more than 8 looks with them earlier this year. Did you know they are trending right now?


Top: thrifted~~Skirt: My cousin made it~~Shoes: Italian Shoemakers

Today’s look was a quick change because I need to run to Savers for a collaboration. This kind of swing skirt makes it easy to try on pants or other skirts under this one. (Most of the secondhand stores don’t have their fitting rooms open yet),

I wore this skirt the time we styled outfits without accessories. Even though it’s black and white, I thought the navy top was a great look.
This top actually has ties in the front, which I tied loosely and then threw over my head so they basically disappear.

Insider tip: Remember, just because an item has something, doesn’t mean you have to wear it the way it was intended.

Since the skirt’s pockets are bright pink, I copied that in my shoes and earrings.


Dress: Banana Republic Factory~~Shoes: Vivaia

This is one of those dresses that give off a vacation vibe, don’t you think? Yet that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t wear it at home. How sad to lock it away and only bring it out for special occasions.

The layered pearls are inspired by one of my friends on Instagram, Brigitte. She almost always wears a bunch, and I love how it looks. In fact, do you see that clasp on one of mine?? I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be in the back, but I thought it was so pretty, so I pulled it to the front.

The sandals are ones from the company that uses recycled bottles to make their shoes, called Vivaia. These sandals are like wearing slippers around, and I love the color.
BTW, I do have a discount code, Jodie for 15% off, if you’re interested.


I really love these pants from Old Navy (and the last I looked, they were under $20 in limited sizes). These are the ones that all three of us wore lately and styled differently.

But the outfit on the left was a bust. I wanted to style a scarf as a tube top, but it didn’t go well. First I tried using a magnet to hold the end together at the top, which worked, but it was so heavy it pulled it down and I kept fidgeting with it.
That’s when I thought to use a tie clip to hold the scarf to the adhesive bra (this is NOT my Gatherall one. It’s an Amazon one I’m testing out and it has an area that is not sticky between the two cups).

I even used fashion tape to secure it in spots. Anyways, it was cute, but it’s not functional. But it’s not a failure because then I played around and decided to secure the two pieces at the top with a clear elastic. And that worked marvelously. It goes to show if one of my Tools of the Trade items doesn’t work, try another one!

Check out the perfect earrings with the look (as seen in the very top photo). My friend Judy, made these shoulder scraping earrings, and I just adore them.

The orange sandals are a pair I won in a giveaway that will change from heels to flats. It’s an interesting concept, right? The only thing I don’t like is you have to carry the extra parts around.


Skirt: Bias Cut~~Top: Fashion Central~~Sandals: Walking Cradles

So I’m breaking one of my rules for when I travel. I’m not going to wear the same thing to the airport and back. The reason is that the day we are coming home from our trip is a long one, and we are going to brunch in the morning. Not the best reason ever, but it’s good to break the rules occasionally. (Even when it’s my own rule, haha).

This skirt is from a UK online boutique that believes in ageless fashion. I love their products, but they are usually a bit out of my budget. However, I helped them out for a fun collaboration on Instagram, so she sent me this skirt (Funny thing is it’s called a midi skirt, but it’s a maxi on me).

BTW, they are having a sale right now, so you might want to check them out.

This is my airport outfit, but I also am taking a denim jacket and pashmina scarf along with my printed tote bag.
I always take Walking Cradles shoes when I travel for comfort, and these sandals are the new ones from this summer (reviewed here).

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My goal with my daily looks post is to find things that help inspire you with my daily outfits and to bring a smile and kindness to your life. I truly think that clothing is our way to express our personality visually.

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